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Wheel of the year pyrographed and hand-painted

This wheel is born in relation to the feminine side of things. The cyclicality of life and seasons takes up the woman's belly and the cycle of life.
The enthics designs are elegant, and in the center overlooks a slight crescent moon that cradles a rose, a symbol of love and strength.
The wheel is surrounded by the phases of the moon that mark the energy influences present during the 28 days.

What is the Wheel of the Year:
For paganism, the Wheel of the Year represents the natural cycle of the seasons, commemorated with the celebration of eight sabbates.
It leads us through the natural cycles in the journey of Life, from birth to old age, from death to rebirth. Every moment of the year corresponds to a moment of life, and during the solstices and equinoxes, from distant times, men have always celebrated the sacredness of their strong influences.

The image is our creation, made according to specific studies and reworked by hand. It is copyrighted and is prohibited from breeding