Witchcraft collection~Wheel of the Italian Witches, witchcraft

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NOTE: Arabic Latin scriptures, as per tradition.

This magical wheel encompasses the festivities linked to ancient cults then taken from ancient witchcraft.
Pagan and non-pagan feasts and celebrations are reported on her, and with her, for each holiday, a ritual will be provided for that anniversary.
The proposed rituals differ from those we know.
They are linked to the Etruscans, the Greeks, the High Magic, etc. and will allow you to know sides of you linked to ancient civilizations.

The festivities are enclosed in a beautiful moon engraved with a sun and i.eage, symbols of strength, protection, and natural cycles.

The Witchwheel is not for everyone. It is an instrument rich in ancient traditions sometimes unknown.

She is for those who do not stop at her current knowledge, but for those who want to go further, and feel on her skin, the strength of ancient civilizations!

Good magic ancient souls!