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This tetragramton is made from pawlonia wood, a plant that reaches almost 2 meters high and whose wood is not subject to the aggression of parasites.
Precisely for this reason we choose it in the esoteric field because symbolically it is a strong wood even on the etheree plane, and counteracts the approach of larvae or other.

Tetragramton, New
This symbol is one of the most powerful barriers against evil and negativity in all its forms. In fact, many use it as an altar instrument due to its strong energy and function.

Brief explanation
With this Pentagram Levi wanted to summarize the whole philosophy of the High Magic.

The first thing we notice is the word "TETRAGRAMMATON" a way to define the god name IHVH.
Tetragramton - It comes from Greek. It means "Four Signs/Letters"

Yod - Hey - Vav - Hey

The 1 and 2 above the "TE" are the Duality. Levi called it the "Binary." (I-H)
The 1, 2 and 3 above the "TRA" are the union of opposites. This is called by Levi as "Sacred Book". (I-H-V)
Together they result in the "Sacred Quaternary" (IHVH).

The second thing we can see are the Sword, the Stick, the Cup and the Circled Star i.e. the Pentacolo (the one that was used to form the letter "O" of "tetragramTON").

These are the wizard's 4 tools, his weapons. The 4 elements.
They are the 4 tarot seeds and these are also connected to the Tetragramton.

I -Fire - Stick
H - Water - Cup
V - Air - Sword
H - Earth - Pentacolo

It's the four aspects of man.
Fire is his energy.
Water is its emotionality.
Air is his intellect.
The Earth is its concreteness.

At the top of the star you can see an A, at the bottom an Omega and a T inside the Omega.
They would be Alpha and Omega, Aleph and Tau.
The beginning of each beginning and the end of each end.

Two snakes, Caduceus, Hob and Hod, emerge from Omega and T.
They are the three Nadi where the energy currents of the human body Pass Positive (Pingala) and Neutral (Sushumna) and Negative (Ida).

Above the Caduceus is the alchemic mercury.

The O below is Tiphareth.
In the Cabal it is called "the Sun behind the Sun".

On the sides is the symbol of mars with a square inside. This symbol represents the square of the circle.

On the large Pentagram you can see the symbol of the Sun and the Moon or the polarities.

Finally, the two eyes have an oriental call. They look like Buddha's eyes contemplating the high.