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Note: For foreign orders all writing will be in English (including wooden tablets)

The Moon box is for those who want to get closer to lunar sorcery, one of the oldest and most hidden practices of Italian witchcraft.
This box provides the tools you need to: create your own Lunar Altar; celebrate the various full moons by giving useful advice also on how to set up the altar according to various purposes; create the Circle of Light; to create Lunar Oil yourself, and more.
The box will provide 3 typical Lunar Witchcraft rituals involving Evil, Love and Protection.

Contents of the Box
- 13 Incensi
- 13 wooden cards with the Esbat and tips for their celebration
Ritual oil
- an Amethyst
- a Selenite
- a pink Quartz
- Altar table with Goddess and elements
- Four candles for the Elements
- Book of the moon with rituals
- Bring wooden candles with triple moon and pentacle
- Cup for offers
- Two candles for full moon rituals
- 13 Rites (one for each full moon)
- Ancient recipe of lunar oil (typical oil used to strengthen our energy and get better results in our rites)
- directions to create candles yourself to use for Esbat
- ancient lunar ritual to understand whether or not the Evil One is present and how to remove it
- ancient lunar ritual of roses
Ancient lunar ritual for protection.

Box measurements 21 x 28 x 10 cm

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