Witchcraft collection~Metatron cube, magic, ascension, alchemy

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This wooden board depicts the Metatron cube, through which the flow of energy occurs.

What is it for?

It helps to achieve harmony and balance with nature;
It allows us to balance our vibrations;
Ease and control empathy;
It connects us to universal energy;
Facilitates connection with the divine

This magical form is present in many of the ancient mysteries between Egyptian mythology, ancient Jewish teachings and alchemy. It's primal and very powerful.

We can say that it represents God's energy, his thought, through which our vibrational alignment is determined.

In the Cube there are 78 straight lines and 13 circles.

The 13 circles are said to represent the 13 systems of knowledge, and the 13 eons of the eternal kingdoms of the neighboring worlds; while the 78 straight lines depict the male principle and the circles the feminine principle.

Within this form, you can find many other forms, which become unlimited as space and time.

In addition, the 5 platonic forms are enclosed in it:

Dodecaedro – Aether
Tetrahedron Star – Fire
Icosaedro – Water
Esaedro Cube – Earth
Ottaedro – Air

Finally, but not least, it is believed that this form explains the origin of the universe.