Witchcraft collection~Genesa gold (30 cm in diameter)

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Our esoteric shop gets rich!
Genesa with a wooden base are born!
Genesa is a radionic device that amplifies the extrasensory faculties of those who come into contact with it, and purifies the surrounding environment.
The genesis is based on the principles of the new discoveries of Quantum Physics, it has not only effects on the physical body, but on the auric fields of subtle energy that are not perceived by normal senses, but that support life and are essential for its functioning.
Benefits of Genesa:
- facilitates meditation
- improves corporate earnings
- improves our health and that of our four-legged friends, as energies are purified
- facilitates economic revenue and business flow

Those who choose to adopt a genesis choose to come into contact with the universe, and thanks to their energy their life improves visibly.

The genesis is made of aluminium and has a diameter of 30 cm