Witchcraft collection~Altar table with Hecate

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This beautiful and unique altar table is made thanks to pawlonia wood, a plant that reaches almost 2 meters high and whose wood is not subject to the aggression of parasites.
Precisely for this reason we choose it in the esoteric field because symbolically it is a strong wood even on the etheree plane, and counteracts the approach of larvae or other.

Hecate, Goddess of the Moon, night and spirits, is depicted in this pyrographed altar table at exactly 3.00 at night, the time according to which the door between our world and that of spirits opens.
We have brought back this beautiful Goddess and her most important symbols, including :

The TORCIA of Hecate illuminates souls in their transition from light to darkness, as well as igniting the spark of life.

THE COLTELLO that is associated with Hecate as a midwife who severs the umbilical cord of the infant, and also associated with her role as a companion in death, where she herself cuts the bonds between the physical body and the soul.

THE KEY: Hecate is the one who holds the key to the known world and the unknown one. Hecate controls the passage from the world of the living thus becoming the "guardian of thresholds" and is the key of Hecate who chooses who can access it.

THE SERPENTE is the animal that emerges from the ctonio world (associated with regeneration and renewal for its continuous change of skin) takes the value of labyrinth, of the intricate path of life and death.

THE TRAY OF ECATE In the Chaldean Oracles the Goddess was associated with the symbol known as the hecate wheel, with serpentine shapes that draw a labyrinthine figure in three directions (life, death, rebirth, renewal).

The image is our creation, made according to specific studies and reworked by hand. It is copyrighted and is prohibited from breeding