Planetary Anointing Oils : 15ml .5 fl.oz.

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Welcome to Lailokens Awen. This listing is for my Planetary Anointing Oils. The oils are made with 100% organic essential oils and fractionated coconut oil. The Anointing Oils come in amber glass bottles to protect the oils from light. Each Anointing Oil is 15ml (.5 fl.oz.)

I take great care in imbuing the Planetary Anointing Oils with as much energy as I can, so I make them in purified ritual space, on the appropriate planetary day, and during the appropriate planetary hour.

Sun - Sunday
Moon - Monday
Mars - Tuesday
Mercury - Wednesday
Jupiter - Thursday
Venus - Friday
Saturn - Saturday

All Lailokens Awen items are for ritual use and can be seen as interesting items, or items that you imbue with your own personal energy, and that colour, oil, herbal correspondences can vary by tradition.

Never consume any Lailokens Awen product, and be aware of any allergies or health conditions that you may have and realize that allergic reactions and interactions with certain medications are possible. Don't apply any product to your body while pregnant or nursing.

Blessings /|\