Orgonite® Pyramid Energy Healing Orgone® Pyramid Small seed of life celenite & quartz crystal EMF / RF Protection

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Dimensions are: 2.25x1.25" inches

This Piece is individually hand crafted by me, a North American Shamanic High Priest and I have called upon the divine to work with me during this creation process and I give each piece the most high of sacred blessings by sanctifying each piece with the highest vibration of light throughout all of creation. This allows the piece to constantly vibrate at the highest vibration of light sourced straight from creator. This is a blessing that can only be done by a 3rd degree initiate that has access to the en-sophic energy. This is part of what makes these sacred energy devices so powerful, unique and special.

built upon the foundation technology from the research of Wilhelm Reich & karl Welz, I have built an Integrated light Healing Technology that incorporates multiple levels of light activations, healings, as well as various energetic and alchemical properties for a more broad range in the spectrum of the healing and activation arts, producing a more progressive and evolutionary technology for mankind in the times at hand with our ascension and evolutionary process etc.

This is a science, a craft, and a means to better the world around us.

Some of the benefits of this Integrated Light Healing Technology are (but not limited to):

• balancing & revitalizing surrounding energies
• a more peaceful surrounding environment
• improvements in health & vitality
• increases oxygen to the brain and body
• increases healthy blood flow throughout the body
• providing a cleaner atmosphere
• better overall sleep
• more vivid dreams
• healthier relationships
• less stress & anxiety
• lower blood pressure
• cleansing of ones own energy field and aura of blockages, - emotions/thoughts/trauma helping one spiritually evolve
• stronger alignment with ones own higher-self and other higher dimensional frequencies and consciousness
• protection from - deadly life force energy as well as transforming or "de-plating" the -DLF (armored/plated life force energy)
• Protection from harmful EMF/RF radiation from electronics and - Human emotion, trauma, and mental thought partterns
• vibrant plant growth in gardens and immediate surroundings
• cleaner water sources and re-programming the memory of water
• beautiful to look at

What is Life Force/prana/chi/ or etheric energy?

Life force energy resides within all parts of life, some call this force “chi, prana, or etheric energy.” No matter the title, the fact is that there is a precursor web of energy underlying the physical world, allowing it to be what it is. This vital natural energy can either be neutral, positive, or negative.
When positive, it enables living organisms to exist in a healthy state. Reich completed a lot of research on the subject, and observed that the neutral energy force was able to neutralize nuclear radiation, and so much more.

Neutral: (LF) = Life Force Energy
Positive: (+PLF) = Positive Life Force Energy
Negative: (-DLF) = Deadly Life Force Energy

It is important to understand what -DLF (Deadly Life Force Energy) is. -DLF is +(P)LF, but "armored" or "plated." "Armoring" means that the energy does not flow freely anymore, but has been encapsulated in a rigid form. When a knight puts on his armor, he is restricted in his movements. When energy gets "armored" it becomes stagnant, and limits our access to this vital energy.

Life is a constant flow of energy, and when the movement of energy stops, so does life. -DLF is deadly, because it suffocates life forms, creating disease, and can ultimately cause death if untreated. -DLF energy is primarily man made by; technology, microwave transmitters, chemical pollution, physical destruction of the landscape, and negative human emotions/thought patterns or trauma. The human energy system can also be armored or blocked by life long emotional trauma, emotions, and mental thought patterns. Our vitality and creative expression is then blocked, causing a contraction of our vital life force energy, leading to physical disease and illness.

What is Integrated Light Healing Technology?

Integrated Light Healing Technology is a self-driven, continuously operating and highly efficient energy transmutation device. Some people use these tools to combat pollution and the -EMF/RF radiation from various man made technologies and electronics. Others use it for clearing and purifying energies in their homes, or to enhance the growth of plants in their gardens. It also works well in various kinds of spiritual healing work and meditation etc..

Due to the metal and the resin in this matrix always attracting both the - DLF & + PLF energy at once, a “scrubbing” action occurs, “de-armoring” and transforming the -DLF into healthy and beneficial +PLF. The resin in the matrix shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal, creating a piezoelectric effect in the crystal, meaning its end points become electrically polarized, which amplifies its effectiveness as a +PLF generator.

*** Warning***
Each of these Items are "hand made to order" which means they will not be the exact piece that has been displayed in the photos. To the best of my ability I will replicate these original designs I have created. I hand make each individual piece specifically for each order and person, which means variations WILL occur. I am a human, not a machine or manufacturing facility and some pieces are bound to differ from what is displayed in the photos. By buying this listing you agree to these terms and understand that this art will not be 100% perfect but best replicated to the best of my abilities and is susceptible to human error, mistakes, and mis-alignments.

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