Orgone Pyramid~Handmade 60MM Orgone Pyramid Clear White Crystal With Lapis Lazuli,Amethyst Fluorite Energy Symbol Sticker

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Handmade 60MM Orgone Pyramid Clear White Crystal Point With Lapis Lazuli,Amethyst Fluorite Energy Symbol Sticker

Materials White Quartz Crystal Point,Blue chalcedony,Lapis Lazuli,Amethyst Fluorite ,Energy Symbol Sticker,Metal wheel,resin There is a white quartz crystal point in copper wire,under the point is blue chalcedony and lapis lazuli stones,between the lapis lazuli and Fluorite crystal there is a metal wheel. Perfect for Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids, home office decor, gifts, and more! Base Size: Approx.60mm Package:1pc orgone pyramid with exquisite packing box. White quartz has always been recognized as a "therapeutic apparatus" that helps people stabilize their healthy magnetic fields and balance their inner magnetic fields and emotions. Therefore, white quartz is more suitable for people who are weak or emotionally fluctuating. It has the effect of spurring luck. You will feel the concentration of mind and the improvement of memory, and the effect will be better than usual. When you carry white quartz with you, its magnetic field will help you to block off some bad magnetic fields. It will provide a magnetic field that will calm your mind and stimulate your potential, so that you can always stay in top shape to cope with all the things around you. Lapis lazuli brings luck to its owner, helps the health of the respiratory system and helps clear the mind of negativity. Enhance your observation. Open the window of the soul to enhance insight and see the intrinsic instinct of things. Continuous meditation helps the opening of spiritual ability and spiritual improvement that can refine temperament and sentiment of the human heart. Wearing lapis lazuli while driving can stabilize the mood and eliminate the irritability caused by traffic chaos. The lapis lazuli corresponds to the eyebrow of the human body. When using excessive eyes, lapis lazuli can be used to relieve eye pressure and helps eliminate fatigue. Close your eyes and lie flat and put the lapis lazuli on the eyeball, with deep breathing, and the blue ochre light penetrates the eyeball, which can easily eliminate eye fatigue and protect your eyesight. Fluorite is the source of energy for the elves. Fluorite promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, protection, and brings peace. It helps one meditate and learn to go past the "chatter" that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate. Deeper meditation past the "chatter" can give access to cosmic truth, attune to spirit guides or animal totems. This energy can be used to manifest one's life purpose. Because it is Handmade product,and crystals and stones are different from each other,so it is normal that looks different.But the difference makes every Orgone pyramid Unique.Orgonite Crystals Pyramid Made by Orgonite Metals and Different Natural Crystals source from different part of the world. Powerful Vibrational Energy is generated when Natural Chakra crystals react with Orgone Energy which bring positivity all around.


1. Please allow a little error due to manual measurement. 2. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Please make sure you won't mind it before paying.

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