Orgone orgonite® powerful medium golden pyramid, quintuple power, 5 gold-plated Lakhovsky MWOs, Golden Ratio, abundance, welfare, prosperity

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The ultimate power of gold –an exceptional energy tool!!!

My golden pyramid orgonite® with precious stones, golden-leaves 24K and 5 gold-plated (24K) Multi-Wave Oscillators (MWO) by Lakhovsky, emits an incredible, warm, powerful energy, that revitalizes your body and soul!

It is an excellent positive energy booster and will protect you against bad energies of any kind. This pyramid is an outstanding energy tool, diffusing its positive energy towards every side. It is perfect for your home and for a small office or business. In your home, you can place it in your living room –on a table or a library shelf-, in the kitchen –on your bench-, in your bedroom on your nightstand to enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing sleep with lucid dreaming. In your office you can place it on your desk.

This powerful Pyramid is like an energy-generator producing constantly positive energy. It will energetically clean your space and you will feel revitalized, calm and enforced. It will boost your intuition and enhance your productivity and creativity! It will help clear geopathetic stress, it will neutralize electromagnetic radiation and protect you.

Place your hands on its sides and focus in all the wonderful things you want to attract in your life. While holding it you will feel a very strong energy vibe that will reinforce and balance your spirit, body and mind. If you practice REIKI or meditate you can place it near you; it will help you align your energy field and encompass your body with positive orgone energy.

It is made basically of:
• chemically clear copper spherules and swarf
• bronze, golden and titanium swarf and golden-powder
• it has five golden-leaves 24K, emerald’s, sapphire's, ruby's swarf and fresh-water pearls for abundance, prosperity, welfare!
• it has a 3-dimension SBB copper coil with a very big crystal quartz inside and 8 big crystal quartzes placed around the coil
• semi-precious stones placed in 3 levels and arranged in a special way (lapis lazuli, carnelian, aventurine, amazonite, amethyst, tourmaline, garnet, hematite, pink quartz, opal, black onyx, citrine, labradorite, fluorite, rutile etc). Αll crystal quartzes and semi-precious stones are top quality and purified and charged before used.
• it has five gold-plated (24K) Multi-Wave Oscillators (MWO) by Lakhovsky, one on every side and one at the pyramid’s base, for exceptional energy. The MWOs are made of copper and then gold-plated with 24K gold. The addition of precious, semi-precious stones and the gold-plated (24K) MWOs amplifies and enforces the overall healing and balancing qualities and potentials of the orgone creations.
• it weighs approximately 450 gr. (0,99 pounds or 15,87 ounces), it's slant height is 7,8 cm (3,07 inches) and each side is 9 cm (3,54 inches) wide.

All my orgonites® come in very high-quality gift-boxes, with colorful voile and matching organza ribbon, for no extra charge!
See last photo :-)

Orgone energy devices will:
• Transform negative energy in to positive
• Re-vitalize the atmosphere
• Recharge, purify, structure and energize water, drinks essential oils, crystals, jewelry etc
• Relieve insomnia, provide a quieter sleep and help avoid nightmares
• Boost your intuition
• Enhance productivity in your work
• Fortify creativity
• Balance – reconcile the energy within our body
• Enforce the recovery and healing process
• Better our mood and help us improve and develop our actions
• Protects us from other people’s negative energy and thoughts
• Promote plant growth
• Neutralize electromagnetic radiation and protect us

The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) by Lakvovsky:
• Saturates the cells of the body with energy. In turn the chemical processes of each cell are brought into balance allowing proper repair and operation
• When you use the MWO regularly it maintains the electrical health of the body at a cellular level. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place and the MWO feeds the need.

Karl Hans Welz is the inventor of Orgonite® and Orgone Generator® and owns the registered Trademarks; I have his written permission to use the term Orgonite®