Orgone orgonite® mini size for children, protection from EMF and bad energies of any kind

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Orgone orgonite® mini size, ideal for children, with a milder, gentle energy. It helps transform negative energy in to positive and brings sereneness. The child should carry this orgonite® in his/her pocket (trousers, skirt, coat etc) or hand-bag. The orgonite® will protect him/her subtly from harmful frequencies, electromagnetic fields and bad energies of any kind, while creating a positive energy field around the child. During night-time, you can place the orgone under the child’s pillow for a trouble-free sleep and happy dreaming.

It is made basically of:
• chemically clear copper (spherules and powder)
• aluminium swarf, golden and titanium swarf
• a small 3-dimension SBB copper coil with a crystal quartz inside and 4 smaller crystal quartzes around
• semi-precious stones (pink quartz, amethyst and amazonite) for extra energy. Αll crystal quartzes and semi-precious stones are top quality and purified and charged before used. The addition of semi-precious stones amplifies and enforces the overall healing and balancing qualities and potentials of the orgone creations.
• it comes either in the color of copper, Aegean blue or aluminium –please choose your color on your check out
• it weighs approximately 25 gr. (0,06 pounds or 0,88 ounces). It is 1,5 cm (0,59 inches) height and 3,4 cm (1,34 inches) wide at the base.

All my orgonites® come in very high-quality gift-boxes, with colorful voile and matching organza ribbon, for no extra charge!
See last photo :-)

Orgone energy devices will:
• Transform negative energy in to positive
• Re-vitalize the atmosphere
• Recharge, purify, structure and energize water and drinks
• Relieve insomnia, provide a quieter sleep and help avoid nightmares
• Boost your intuition
• Enhance productivity in your work
• Fortify creativity
• Balance – reconcile the energy within our body
• Enforce the recovery and healing process
• Better our mood and help us improve and develop our actions
• Protects us from other people’s negative energy and thoughts
• Promote plant growth
• Neutralize electromagnetic radiation and protect us

Karl Hans Welz is the inventor of Orgonite® and Orgone Generator® and owns the registered Trademarks; I have his written permission to use the term Orgonite®