Life Energy~Zen Stone

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Powerful, versatile, reliable. Our Zen stones pack a powerful punch against Electromagnetic pollution and all unbalanced energy. Three different size stones that you can use individually or stack Zen style for maximum protection in your home or workplace.

Each stone modelled on real stones, cast in pewter with our unique, tried and extensively tested technology has the added power of embedded scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies.

The words engraved on each stone make them a great gift, with a message, to give. They come in a velvet pouch with an inspirational card.

The Zen Stone - HOPE Is small enough to carry everywhere. Powerful enough to give you 14 meters’ (15 yds. approx.) protection from all EMF and unbalanced energy. Cheap enough to give a gift of “HOPE” to those you care about.

Made from the same technology as all our products this little gem punches way above its weight in protection, healing, and energy balancing.

Dimensions - 1.5" x 1 /10 " - perfect for the purse or pocket.

The Zen Stone PEACE brings harmony and protection for 17 meters’ (18 yds. approx.). That is more than enough for your own personal space at home or work. It is perfect for those having difficulties getting a good night’s sleep and is a wonderful relaxation/meditation tool. Size is 57mm x 40mm (21/4" x 1 1/5")

The Zen Stone LOVE is very powerful and will protect/harmonize a 21-meter (22yds. approx.) space. EMF and unbalanced energy don't stand a chance when love is around! Size 90mm x 50mm (31/2" x 2")

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