Life Energy~The POWER P.e.bal (Pyramid Energy Balancer). The tool for healing and protection-Reich's, Vortex, & Sacred Geometry make this v. powerful.

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Be protected and safe within the 36 yard field of the pyramid energy balancer. Big enough to protect a whole household from unbalanced and negative energy including electromagnetic field radiation. It will also help your over-all well-being and help you sleep. Put your crystals near it not only to clean them but increase their energetic range. Great for healers to use for their own protection and to increase the healing energy available. The symbols on it represent intent – Life Energy, healing, infinite love and Protection.

The P.e.bal (pyramid Energy Balancer) has evolved from our original organite (orgone technology) creations. Although compact at just 5cm high it's vortex component (coils) and its sacred geometry make it far more powerful than its predecessors. Now is stunning stainless steel.

"This is just a note to express my delight with the P.e.bal device which I have in place at home to alleviate Geopathic Stress. Previously, I was routinely having to pay up to £100 a time to get my home dowsed and for the Earth Acupuncture procedure to control the negative energies about my property. Now, I am sleeping much better and experiencing greatly reduced gastric issues. And all this having made just one payment whereas before, I was shelling out so much on dowsing operations. Wonderful! Bob Pooley -U.K"
"And we're reaping the benefits big time after having ordered one of your P.e.bals and Negater shell. Still can't believe how good they work, after trying so many other products. Almost too good to be true!!! Thanks you for standing strong in this world of people who put their heads in the sand only because it's invisible energy. I know what I feel and EMR effects your body..... 100% certain of that. Sylvia Hendrikx, NZ"

They are hand-crafted here in New Zealand and come with a 30 day no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Great tool for insomnia, night-terrors, healing, EMF protection, geopathic stress protection, all disturbed energy, energetic space-cleansing.

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