Life Energy~Nu-Me Skinny Silver Pendants

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Our Life Energy Pendants just got smaller and even cooler looking! Improved technology has allowed us to make the Nu-Me healing and protective pendant to a new level of power whilst shrinking the size and weight.

This Nu-Me Skinny Silver pendants are reversible giving you 2 pendants for the price of one.

You will feel more balanced and calm as this pendant stabilises and balances your energy system whilst protecting you from nasties such as EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) and even other peoples' bad hair days - all whilst pretending to be just a stunning piece of jewellery.

What people say about the Nu-Me:

"I yell at my husband 12 times a year! Every year, every time I get my period. He would batten down the hatches and wait out the storm!!

Until 3 months ago when I received my" Nu-me" pendant. Well that could not be a truer statement!! No hormonal mood swings! No anxiety attacks! Just me! I knew I was in there!!

My 13 year old daughter hasn't take hers off since it arrived a month ago! I should be amazed at that but simply am not.

It simply works!!...

Sharon McGill, via Facebook

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