Leadership, Integrity and Self-Esteem

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3/4" HighChi Pendant
3/4" HighChi Flower of Life Pendant with or without
6 Carat Blue Topaz
16" Euro Link Necklace

The HighChi pendant is the highest energetically and the key to our collection, in that it unlocks the energy of whatever it is worn with. Worn with the Blue topaz, it can amplify your self-esteem and Integrity. Identified as the Integrity Stone, this power piece helps one to speak the truth both to ones self and others. Helps with concentration as well as major confidence and trust in ones decisions. When worn with the Flower of Life Pendant the energy is amplified even more!

How it works
Digitize: We take a special digital photograph of the design, in order to obtain a numeric sequence or ASKE code.
Computerize: We then feed this digital code into our computers, which contain the energy formulations. At this point each design becomes a transceiver in that it both sends and receives the energy.
Energize: Using scalar waves, or a no frequency informational carrying wave, our computer directly sends the energy to the digital code of the design. Whatever is of the same digital sequence or ASKE code automatically receives the energy no matter where, via the scalar waves.
This is a fundamental explanation that helps to clarify the proprietary technology. Please recognize that we are working on the Quantum field and that we are continually upgrading our technology and therefore our energy.

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