Hydrogen Water~Hydrogen Water Generator Alkaline Maker Rechargeable Portable Water Ionizer Bottle Super Antioxidan Hydrogen-Rich Water Cup

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430ml Hydrogen Rich Water Generator Japanese Alkaline Energy Glass bottle Anion Water Ionizer Anti USB H2 Healthy smart cup
Rated Power: 5W
Working Voltage: 5V USB
Bottle Capacity: 430ml
Hydrogen Content: 980-1600ppb
Item Size: Approx. 210*70mm (H*D)
Item Weight: Approx. 0.5kg
Using Water Temperature Period: 0-45°
Glass Material: High borosilicate glass
Potential Range: -650-0mV
1. Enhance the immune system
2. Promote blood circulation
3. Promote gastrointestinal motility
4. Eliminate nervous tension
5. Reduce blood sugar
6. Treatment of rheumatoid joints
7. To prevent blood vessel blockage
8. Resistance to ultraviolet
Why could the hydrogen rich water improve health?
As we all know, the body is composed of cells, human disease can eventually be attributed to cell damage, human aging is also due to cell aging or necrosis caused. The main culprit in causing cell disease aging is excess oxygen free radicals. The main effect of oxygen is antioxidant, hydrogen atoms combined with reactive oxygen species reduced to water excreted.
Platinum and titanium alloy electrolytic tablets
New technology to water evenly wrapped in hydrogen molecules, to promote hydrogen and water into a stable combination, with high hydrogen concentration, good stability characteristics
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