Hecate Triple Goddess Decorative Trinket Box

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Hecate Triple Goddess Decorative Trinket Box


6 inch Long, 3.25 inch Wide, 2.5 inch High

Creatively Crafted in Cold Cast Bronze in Intricately Sculpted Detail with a Decorative Lift-Off Lid Depicting Hecate Standing Holding Torches and a Key with Her Animal Familiars at her Feet

Mixing Bronze Powder with Resin Gives it an Authentic Metal Look with a Stunning Antique Bronze Finish Detailed with a Touch of Color

Simply Lift-Off the Lid to Hide Your Jewelry, Trinkets, Treasures, Coins, Spare Keys and More Inside

A Stunning Home Accent Rich with Symbolism and it Makes a Thoughtful Gift for Anyone Into Mythology or Nature Religions

Featuring Hecate, the goddess of magic and enchantment, the queen of witches and guardian of the crossroads, this beautiful box will keep your trinkets safe inside. In Greek religion and mythology, Hecate is a goddess associated with the moon, magic, witchcraft, necromancy and sorcery. On this box she is seen holding torches and a key while her animal familiars stand at her feet. Intricately sculpted in cold cast bronze, a process that mixes bronze powder with resin, the finish has the look of authentic metal hand detailed with a touch of color. This 6 inch long, 3.25 inch wide, 2.5 inch High Hecate trinket box is a must-have piece with richly carved details and perfect for anyone into nature religions or mythology.

Product Details

Color Bronze
Height 2.5
Length 6
Weight 1.2 LB