Proprietary Technique Quantum Pattern Health, Strength and Courage

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Ten FAQ About The Best Healing Energy Device

1. How is HighChi Jewelry energized?
Over the last 19 years we have developed a "Proprietary Technique" of "Quantum Technologies" using a "Quantum Pattern" of "Active Information" that goes to any "Shape", "Size", or "Design". Essentially we have stored in our computerized energy system, each of the 12 Higher Harmonics on energy information files, so each file contains one of the 12 higher harmonics. We then take a special digital photograph of each pendant and we feed that into our computer. Each of these photos has a numeric sequence of say 010101….
We then choose which of the energy information files we want to use and then we down load these files onto the numeric sequence. Then using scalar waves, (“scalar” a no frequency information carrying wave which opens doors to higher states of consciousness) we then piggyback this energy on the scalar, as it is a carrying wave, and send it out via the quantum. Whatever has the same digital sequence of 010101 will get the energy. It has to. And scalar lives outside of time and space, so if you were on the moon 20 from now you would still get the upgrade!
2. Can I wear HighChi Jewelry in the shower or bath?
You can wear the sterling silver or pure 14k gold in the shower or bath, however the chlorine will cause the 925 sterling silver to tarnish, which can easily be cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth. If you wear the plated jewelry, the chlorine will affect it, and in time the plating will wear off. We have a special replating program if that does occur and you can send your HighChi Jewelry in to be replated.
3. How do I clean my HIghChi Jewelry?
We use a dbtech Ultrasonic Cleaner and use a small amount of Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner in the water bath. You can also use Silver Cleaner and some elbow grease!
4. Can children wear HighChi Jewelry?
Yes, many children wear the pendants, as they too are exposed to negative EMF’s from cell phones, computers, etc.
5. Can babies wear HighChi Jewelry?
We do not recommend the jewelry for babies. If the mother is wearing it then that is fine. A pendant can however be taped on the crib to envelop your child in a wonderful protective energy cocoon.
6. Is HighChi Jewelry safe for pets?
Yes, we have many animals happily wearing the pendants on their collars. One of the main energies on HighChi is the higher harmonic of gold which is the same energy you see around saints. When saints are exhumed they do not decompose like regular beings, as they are filled with this beautiful life force energy, which the ancient Egyptians believed to be very anti-aging, as well as attracting physical abundance. In a study done by Dr. Glen Rine formally of Stanford, he showed that not only does our jewelry protect the DNA from negative frequencies from cell phones, but it gets the energy flowing in the body. In Chinese medicine, age is measured by the flow of chi, as the more energy you have flowing the younger you are. We all want out pets to be with us as long as possible and to live happy and healthy lives so having them wear HighChi helps to ensure that.
7. How do I know if HighChi Jewelry is working?
Many people experience a much higher level of energy and just a wonderful sense of well-being. Most report that they are just happier. You can also hold the pendant in your hand between your thumb and fingers or in the palm of your hand, and you will feel the energy tingle very slightly. If you don’t feel it in one hand you may try the other.
8. Do I have to get HighChi Jewelry recharged?
No, HighChi Jewelry is energized for the lifetime of the jewelry, or 250 years, which ever comes last.
9. Can I wear my HighChi Jewelry while doing yoga or other sports?
Absolutely, in fact many clients find they move through their asana so much more easily and are able to maintain a quiet mind. We have many athletes including golfers, skiers, surfers, bicyclists, and dancers wearing HighChi Jewelry, and many report they find themselves “in the zone.”
10. Can I share my pendant?
We do not recommend sharing your pendant. Jewelry is very personal and unless you are very close to someone, we recommend only wearing it yourself.

¾”HighChi Pendant

3 Carat Green Amethyst
Euro Link in Gold (Bronze with Gold Plating)

The green Amethyst brings energies of equanimity, balance, courage and inner strength. Combined with the HighChi pendant, these properties are amplified even further. Wear this dynamic combination and expect to feel a wonderful sense of well-being and serenity. Feel empowered by this combination knowing that your body's natural ability to heal itself can be maximized.

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