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Scalar energy healing is an energy formula that allows you to achieve deeper states of meditation, consciousness and abundance. Also recognized for its great anti-aging properties, HighChi energy is a fusion of the 12 Higher Harmonics. To begin with, the seven higher harmonics of the chakras or energy centers in the body. Followed by the higher harmonics of gold, representing physical abundance and the same golden glow you see around saints. The energy formula also includes the higher harmonic of ultraviolet that provides spiritual abundance and horizontal negative green, which is the same life force energy around trees and plants. We then added white light that actually releases negative energies from the body, and so you can change reality in accordance with your will, your love and your imagination. Finally is Scalar, a no frequency informational carrying wave which opens the doors to higher consciousness.


How it works
Digitize: We take a special digital photograph of the design, in order to obtain a numeric sequence or ASKE code.
Computerize: We then feed this digital code into our computers, which contain the energy formulations. At this point each design becomes a transceiver in that it both sends and receives the energy.
Energize: Using scalar waves, or a no frequency informational carrying wave, our computer directly sends the energy to the digital code of the design. Whatever is of the same digital sequence or ASKE code automatically receives the energy no matter where, via the scalar waves.
This is a fundamental explanation that helps to clarify the proprietary technology. Please recognize that we are working on the Quantum field and that we are continually upgrading our technology and therefore our energy.


This is one of our major Power Pieces and truly a fabulously magical necklace! Includes all of our Chi Charms on the 24" Fine Sailor Link Necklace and 3 carats Amethyst and Blue Topaz, for having it all! 

Enlightenment and Inner Peace with the Buddha

Forgiveness and Compassion with Kwan Yin

Healing and Longevity with White Tara

Courage and Strength with Hanuman

Genius and Brilliance with Saraswati

Joy and Clear Passage with Ganesh

Love and Success with Lakshmi

Leadership and Self Confidence with Blue Topaz

Stress Release and Clear Guidance with Amethyst  

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