Energy Disc~~Witch Wooden Divination Props Log carved astrolabe Chakra Stone Set Seven Chakra Orgone Energy Disc Astrolabe Altar Decoration

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Bullet Points:
1、Product Features: Natural, simple and pure. You can DIY runes yourself.
2、7 Chakras: In each of us, there are seven energy centers that rotate like Yuan Chakras in the inner core. They are called chakras. The seven chakras are seven vibration forms that constitute the mysterious rainbow bridge. Through this connecting channel, the heaven and the earth, the mind and the body, the spiritual and the material past and the future are connected.
3、Fun Crafts: Every chakra we encounter is a step in the way of connecting matter and consciousness. Therefore, understanding chakra knowledge is equivalent to allowing us to understand all areas of life, from the physical level of the body and instinctive perception to the social level. The interpersonal level of interaction, and finally to the more abstract super-personal consciousness domain. Once all the chakras are understood and opened up and connected together, it will bridge the gap between material and spirituality.
4、Unique Design: The seven chakras come with the central chakra as the axis, radiate several branches at the top, throat, heart, and umbilicus. From top to bottom, they are the crown chakra, brow chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, manipura chakra, belly chakra, and bottom chakra. Play a pivotal role in the health of the body.
5、Multiple Purposes: It can be used as a crystal energy plate, as well as an altar plate and ornament.
Name: 7 Chakra Crystal Energy Disk Altar Astrolabe
Material: pine
Size: about 22-25cm/8.66*9.84inch in diameter, 2cm/0.79inch in thickness

Packing List:

1. The astrolabe is cut from raw pine, with irregular shapes. Growth rings and black circles on the surface are normal for trees, and bark falling around is normal for plants.

2. This product only sells astrolabe, excluding the crystal stone shown in the picture.