Egyptian Tuning Calibration Healing Rods of Maat - Copper & Zinc -Netu Rods for spiritual calibration and orientation

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You must have seen some Ancient Egyptian statues holding cylindrical rods in their hands.
What are they?

We live in the age of extraordinary emotional stress caused by our life problems and manifesting into chronic fatigue, depression, as deficit of Nerve Energy.
Drugs, stimulants as coffee, tea, tobacco, energy drinks won’t help with exhaustion and nervous disorders and lack of energetic balance in our body.
The pose of EGYPT MASTER SYSTEM for the resumption of nervous energy
(you have to be relaxed and follow to the sun)

The way, used in Ancient Egypt for strengthening energy flows within a human body. Two rods clasped in hands (copper in right hand and zinc in left hand) were the grips of tremendous power, akin to electricity (secondary electricity), which when their grips were held in the hands released this energy into the body, to be stored in unipolar ganglias and in spinal fluid. The renewal of energetic potential is hundred-per-cent and continues for day and night during 24 hours.
The Rods activate mechanisms of regulation of the nervous system that are responsible for configuring and balance work of human organism – the vegetative nervous system, the endocrine system, the hypothalamus, and so on.

Daily work with the Rods (from 10 to 20 mins) has a beneficial effect in cases of:
– over-agitation and nervous disorders;
– vegeto-vascular disorders;
– normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses;
– removing stress, spastic phenomena, nervous tics and obsessive-compulsive movements;
– problems with arterial pressure;
– chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion;
– always promote a deeper sleep, having a positive effect on the nervous system, removing insomnia.
*Our rods are handmade and charged in the pyramid. We have infused them with sacred geometry symbols and extra crystals that hold the charge and amplify their power. They are ideal for personal or group work, tuning, visioning and manifestation. They stimulate mental and psychic energy, enhancing meditation and mental clarity.

All of our Rods are handmade, Our Rods of Maat are a affordable solution to a market filled with overpriced rods.

We created and have made these available to people at a affordable cost.

We have after sampling may other rods found the rods of Maat, to exceed all other rod models on the market for re-calibration and balancing.

We sometimes have extras on hand, however please note that each set is handmade and must be charged in our 6 ft Giza pyramid for 10 days before we ship it out.

We have gone through 5 versions to be able to provide this model of the Rods to you.

We Guarantee that by using the RODS you will immediately feel more grounded and increase your capacitance for presence.
We are so confident in our tools that we insist you Please return them after 14 days, if you feel no results.

Rods should NOT be used by people with Pace Makers / During Pregnancy / Serious Mental Illness/ Low Blood Pressure
Or in conjunction with recreational drugs!
Not suitable for use by children.
As with All Health Issues or detection of a Medical Condition- Your FIRST course of action should be to contact your Doctor.
All Alternative Therapies are best viewed as a Preventive Measure prior to the contraction of any illness!

No Guarantee is placed on this Product as a Cure only a Mind and Energetic Expansion!

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