Buddha Maitreya the Christ Sri Yantra Solar Form in 24K Gold Plate

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Designed to be worn all the time, anywhere between the heart and throat, Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Sri Yantra Solar Form has a sacred geometric cosmic cross design made up of 4 Etheric Weavers. The form radiates the Monadic, Soul-filled Light and Blessings - the healing energy of Buddha Maitreya the Christ. Wearing the form helps a person heal physically, emotionally and mentally; develop and strengthen virtue, self-realize and self-actualize their divine and soulful, Buddha nature. The forms have a calming, meditative effect allowing one to be more in the moment and better able to respond to others rather than to react, helping develop more harmlessness in all aspects of life. The forms attract the alignment of the Soul with the Personality, raising the lower, personality energies up into the higher centers, creating a soulful transformational energy that aligns and vitalizes the higher chakras: the heart, throat, brow and crown center while the corresponding lower centers are purified and transformed for personality integration with the Soul. All the head centers are stimulated as higher telepathy takes the place of lower psychic projection. The Rainbow Bridge of the Monad, Soul and Personality can develop and transcend limiting forces and karma from past lives and this life. The Quartz crystal used in the form has an applied color therapy and is available in your choice of color. The crystal disc is etched with the sacred geomancy of the Sri Yantra. The form comes with a topaz set in the center which can be upgraded. The wire used to wrap the crystals can also be copper, silver or gold. all of which helps to increase and amplify the resonance of blessings transmitted through the form. Specialty forms cast in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and Platinum can be made to order but may have a longer production time. Please contact us if you would like help customizing your form.


Dimensions approx 2" x 2" x 2" and 1.5oz weight. Includes complimentary Buddha Maitreya the Christ Soul Therapy® Music CD for meditation, healing, blessing and protection from astral or negative influences.

Clear helps to increase the higher levels of Being, this includes the ability to be less attached to expectations and outcomes. It helps develop the natural intuition of trust and the ability to listen and be more aware.

Red aligns to the 1st ray of the Crown Center and the Will of God. It helps to stimulate the ability to trust ourselves and the choices we make in life. It revitalizes the glands and immune system. Red also strengthens the ability to be more courageous in life.

Orange helps to restore balance (like a tonic) where there is stress and a lowering of vitality to the glands and organs. It aligns to the 4th Ray of the Base Center of Harmony through Conflict. It helps to reduce problems with the bowels like a laxative. It also helps to increase digestion. Orange balances the mental and emotional bodies from the effects of worry and depression.

Gold aligns to the 3rd Ray of the Throat Center of Creative Active Intelligence. It promotes mental activity of creative thought. It balances the nerves and stimulates the healing of wounds and skin problems. It is also good for balancing an overly active mind.

Green helps to release the concrete mind and increases a more open mind that can de-crystallize the lack of ability to realize a greater truth. It aligns to the 5th ray of the Brow Center of Revelation. It helps to relax the mind, emotions and physical body. Green provides balance and stimulates the natural magnetic healing abilities latent in all of Humanity and Animals.

Aqua aligns to the 2nd Ray of the Heart Center of Loving Wisdom and Understanding. This increases the natural integration of your Soul and higher mental clarity that stimulates the spontaneous healing from Love in your mental, emotional and physical bodies with the Light of the Soul. It also helps to heal mental criticism and fear.

Blue aligns to the 7th Ray and the Sacral Center - the sexual Center of Relationships. This color helps you to relax and increases self control. It helps to increase communication on all levels and to learn to forgive and forget the past negative relationships that block the ability to be open to new relationships that are loving and supportive, rather than attract negative and emotional non-supportive relationships.

Violet aligns to the 6th Ray of the Solar Plexus of Devotion and Reverence. It heals the emotional attachment of desires and obsessions and releases the astral nature of hate and aggression to be transformed into Soulful Love.

Rainbow contains the full color spectrum of white light and provides the full range of Color Therapy, greatly balancing the Body, Mind and Emotions. Rainbow helps to release the past that blocks the ability to be spontaneous. It helps to detoxify the Blood from impurities and helps to release impurities while dieting or exercising.

Seven Rays contains the full color spectrum but in a configuration that esoterically aligns to the Upper and Lower Chakras as they would align in a healthy, selfless individual. It helps to heal the lower nature of Personality and helps bring forth your Soulful, loving nature. It also helps to prevent psychic attack and harmful relationships.

Pure Siberian Quartz crystals have the Color Therapy applied to the crystal itself. There are 5 Siberian Quartz Crystal colors to choose from: clear, gold, aqua, blue and violet. In color therapy there is the ability to attune to the seven major chakras and bring alignment wherever there is an imbalance. The color of the quartz resonates as a form of color healing, this has been found to be very vitalizing for the many different needs and qualities of healing that the different colors resonate with and brings into balance. As with all essences, use your intuition in selecting a color before learning more about its qualities

Whichever color you chose, the healing effect of the tools comes from the transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled Light of Buddha Maitreya to heal the Etheric Field, an energetic field that combines the mental, emotional and physical with the Monad, Soul and Personality as an expression of Spiritual Self Realization and Wellbeing.

Clear Quartz Crystal
Pure clear quartz helps to increase the higher levels of being, including the ability to be less attached to expectations and outcomes, helping the natural intuition of trust and the ability to listen and be more aware. The clear quartz crystal is a photon light source and as such contains pure white light which when refracted has hidden within all 7 colors or rays of the spectrum with the consequent ability to align all of the chakras and subtle bodies. Some of the qualities clear quartz stimulates are higher ideals to ease possessiveness and self-centeredness, emotional calm and harmony, higher mind that eradicates base thoughts. Clear quartz helps to assimilate life force in the body – easing depression and providing the inspiration to experience the highest spiritual teachings.

Aqua Siberian Quartz
Aqua Siberian Quartz Crystal increases the natural integration of the Soul and the higher mental clarity that stimulates spontaneous healing from love in one's mental, emotional and physical bodies. It helps to heal mental criticism and fear and gives a lot more strength and the ability to be grounded.

On an esoteric level it aligns to the 2nd Ray of the Loving Wisdom of the Heart. The color of Aqua works very well with the Heart Center, it is blue with very powerful White Light passing through it, like Electric Blue. This color is very cleansing, it is like being continuously flushed with water - Holy Water. The Heart is a very flowing reality which is stimulated by the Aqua so that we can be very aligned to the Will of God. Because the Will of God is so forceful a person has to have enough 2nd Ray strength and courage to handle that much energy. It takes 2nd Ray to handle that. The Siberian Aqua is Light Blue which is just 2nd Ray. We are dealing with the Will of Power, the Will of God, and the blessing of what it is to have that and be in right relationship with it. So we need to allow it in and let the Holy Spirit manifest in the way it does and enjoy it. The Aqua Siberian helps stimulate the person to connect with the 1st Ray and the 2nd Ray simultaneously so it gives a lot more strength and a lot more ability to be grounded.

Blue Siberian Quartz
Blue Siberian Quartz Crystal aligns to the 7th Ray of Right Relationship. It helps to relax, increase self-control and improve communication on all levels - helping one to learn to forgive and forget the past negative relationships that block the ability to be open to new relationships that are loving and supportive rather than attracting negative emotionally non-supportive relationships.

The dark blue crystal aligns to the relationship of the sacral center for healing personal relationships that are based on the pairs of opposites and influences that are more aligned to pleasing other people and drawing relationships to a person that are more based on influences of desire. It stimulates the vitality of the etheric field to heal those relationships to have a greater amount of right relationship based on complementation and the awakening of the Soul. This includes the type of work and people that should be in your life that would bring out soul, vitality and healing so that the integration of the Soul can express a more natural lifestyle. It also helps activate the magnetic healing ability that a person may have, like laying on of hands.

Gold Siberian Quartz
Gold Siberian Quartz aligns to the 3rd Ray of Creative Active Intelligence. It promotes mental activity of creative thought, balances the nervous system and overly active minds. It stimulates the healing of wounds and skin problems.

The Siberian Gold crystal aligns to the relationship of the Throat center, initiating a clearing that facilitates the ability to work out problems in a good way. The Gold Siberian can be used to treat problems to do with the sacral center, and awakens the ability to respond to life in a way that is more natural and less fanatical. It promotes mental activity of creative thought.

Green Siberian Quartz

Green Siberian Quartz Crystal Aligning to the Fifth Ray of Revelation The Green Siberian gives off the energy of the 5th Ray, and realigns the energy that is in the lower mind - blocked and unable to change, a mind that thinks about the past and sees things with a belief system that creates bias and separation. The Green Siberian helps to transfer that relationship and align the 5th Ray to the brow center helping a person to be open-minded. It releases and opens the blocks of constantly thinking about the past, and when the brow center is open, a person is aligned to revelation and to one’s place in the Plan. The Green Siberian heals relationships, because men and women can have fixed ideas as to what a man is and what a woman is, that are like prejudice, which keeps them from being open to the real person.

When not in the brow Center the 5th Ray is in the sacral center, which is the relationship center, and then trust is an issue - what keeps coming up is thinking of past issues that give a person distrust.This takes a person out of the moment, they’re always thinking that they would rather be someplace else. When that energy is healed and the 5th Ray is expressing out of the brow center, the 7th Ray begins its relationship back to the sacral center allowing etheric energy to begin communicating between male and female minds. That is what happens when the 7th Ray naturally responds mind to mind, rather than personification. This leads to understanding and complementation - rather than being blocked, people are drawn to people that think the same way, which is positive and reinforcing and develops trust.

Violet Siberian Quartz
Violet Siberian Quartz aligns to the 6th Ray of Aspiration, Devotion & Reverence. It heals the emotional attachment of desires and obsessions and helps to release the astral nature of hate and aggression to be transformed into soulful love.

The Siberian violet crystal aligns with the energy of the solar plexus center and helps to heal the relationships of emotions and astral influences that cause continuous bad habits and lessons that are very difficult to learn and circumstances and relationships that are based on personality judgments, criticisms and negativity. The Siberian violet helps to heal these processes and strengthen the connection to the heart over the influences of separation, anger and distrust. It helps to enhance a person to release from energies that are draining like astral influences that drain the personality and helps transfer that into more soulful energy that is revitalizing and regenerating.

Gems used in Buddha Maitreya's Shambhala Solar Forms & Radiators
There are certain gemstones that can be set as center stones in Buddha Maitreya's Shambhala Solar Forms: Topaz comes as standard - Clear Quartz, Sapphire and Diamond are also available. The center stone helps to synthesize the Rays to the center and it is amplified by the surrounding crystals. This allows the Rays to be transformed, facilitating the releasing of energy blocked between the glands and chakras and increasing the 3 Monadic rays or Aspects of God – the 1st Ray of the Will of God, the 2nd Ray of Loving Wisdom and the 3rd Ray of Creative Active Intelligence.

Topaz, a beautiful electric blue, represents the heart center and combines indigo with pure white light (the quality of spiritual Will), creating a blend which is the energy of loving wisdom (esoterically this is known as the 'Second Ray' in the 7 Rays of God). It aligns to the brow center - the light blue is a soft way of helping the mind release from lower energies of doubt and concrete thinking. It helps increase receptivity to higher understanding, intuition and revelation.

Clear Quartz
Similar in appearance to the pure white light of the Diamond with less intensity.

The deep blue Sapphire is very attuned to the heart center and healing.

The Diamond electrifies light, amplifying the photon light within the surrounding quartz crystals and magnifying the carbon element, and we are carbon units. This is the highest force of light and it aligns the crown center to the Soul. The Diamond is an alignment to Shambhala (the Planetary Logos) and an attunement to selfless service. It helps to protect all virtues and strengthens one's will with God the Father.

Additional Gemstones are available as outer stones with the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Form Radiator:

The violet amethyst is an all-purpose spiritual essence. It helps to clear the etheric (energetic) field clear of debris and toxicity. It enhances well-being and eases low self-esteem, insomnia and a sense of lack of fulfillment. It stimulates intuition, meditation, sound, color and music therapy.

The Emerald decrystallizes the concrete mind and aligns the brow center to the Soul furthering receptivity to truth and revelation. It helps to moves the 5th ray up to the brow where it should sit in a healthy, selfless individual and it helps relationships relate and helps to establish trust and breaks up lower delusions about people.

The Ruby balances the physical body and soothes the nervous system. In particular, it balances the solar plexus, helping it to align to the Soul. It assists the aura to be free flowing and not astral or emotional. Ruby can not be used as a center stone.

Gems used in Vajras and Maitreya Solar Crosses
Restores happiness, contentment and inner joy. Spiritualizes higher mind and head centers. Activates an altruistic and passive nature. As a thought amplifier, creates a realization of the spiritual understanding.

An all-purpose spiritual essence. Keeps our bodies clear of debris and toxicity of the Etheric Field. When combined with other gem stones it is very helpful for the right relationship and order. Well Being. Eases low self-esteem, insomnia and a sense of unfulfilment. Stimulates intuition, meditation, sound, color and music therapy.

Lapis Lazuli
Lightens emotional body. Releases energy blockages and potential. Stimulates self-healing and magnetic/pranic healing abilities.

Gives the ability to assist in how people accept self-healing. Continues to reinforce energy of healing after a therapeutic session. Gives the enhanced ability to understand one path in life and purpose behind health difficulties. Can stimulate self-realization.

Balances the physical body. Soothes the nervous system and balances the solar plexus. Assists the aura to be free flowing and not astral.

Awakens inspiration. Assists connection with own truth. Stimulates throat chakra & creative active intelligence. Strengthens alignment between the throat center and the sacral center.

Like gem or flower essences, metals have healing qualities. Pure gold, silver and crystal have been used throughout history in religious and spiritual affairs and provide the highest level of radiasonics and the ability to counteract Glamours and Vices. The essence of the metal is carried through the form. Gold and silver have a strong relationship to the Sun and the Moon. Gold represents love, silver the Holy Spirit transmitting light, or prana. These metals allow energy to flow at the vibration of the Monad - the Consciousness of God.

"Every metal has its own elemental frequency to it, it carries light in a certain way - and certain people are very attuned to certain metals. So I allow silver and gold to be available for people according to what they woud like to attune to. And they make their own choices - there is nothing written down as to if you are this kind of person you should have this kind of thing but we are intuitive, and everything we do is worked on an intuitive level of right relationship and everybody is different so I put in different metals and colors it depends on the individual as to which one they feel they get the most help from." Buddha Maitreya

Silver has a relationship to the moon, it represents the Holy Spirit transmitting light, which allows prana to move. The Holy Spirit is the 3rd Ray, the element of creative active intelligence.

Silver is much harder than Gold and less dense. Silver resonates with the pure energy of prana or pure white light. Often one sees a cross, chalice, or other powerful symbols that hold light - silver is used to resonate that light e.g. in mythology a silver cross eliminates evil. It is a strong source of Prana or Vitality.

Gold has a strong relationship to the Sun and mainly represents the 2nd Ray, the element of Loving Wisdom. It resonates that same relationship, the relationship to the heart. It is the most pliable element known. 24K gold plate adds the essence of gold to the form but solid 18K gold resonates a much higher frequency.

One of the rare qualities of gold is that it has been shown to be geometrically a Christ Consciousness grid – a combined icosahedron and dodecahedron – when viewed under a microscope. Gold has been misused for a long time, and has been part of furthering a culture of materialism rather than our potential of spirituality. Gold has the ability to carry extreme virtue. That is why it is involved in the building of temples and statues and things that radiate. It holds the purity of vibration, so it becomes a powerful resonating tool like crystal. If you take a crystal and you grow it, the vibration becomes stronger. Gold is a healing force synthesizing the right use of will and the right use of prana, and it balances it into a healing force. It can generate hope and love and faith and the relationship to God.

The benefit of having a gold wire wrap in the form is that the level of light is infinite. Gold allows energy to flow at any rate of vibration - like the vibration of the Monad - the Consciousness of God.

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