Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross in Rainbow Gel Wrapped Clear Quartz & Copper Wire - Tool for Personal & Planetary Healing

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The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross is a cube octahedron blessed by Buddha Maitreya the Christ. Buddha Maitreya the Christ has placed 4 etheric weavers at both ends of the Octahedron and a Vajra in the center, with the tips of the vajra crystal receiving the blessing from the 4 etheric weavers at each end of the vajra. Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Blessing is radiating from the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross but also generating inside the Cross pulling in Harmful energy that drains life and causes wrong relationships to attract to one’s life. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross receives his blessing of the Holy Spirit and transforms the Evil Spirit back into God's Forgiveness. This increases Human evolution to become blessed by the Lord and further the Lords Plan for Humanity and the working out of the plan of God. All of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Healing tools do this exact thing and work in the exact same way from a small etheric weaver to large room sized meditation pyramid systems. Includes a set of Buddha Maitreya the Christ Incarnation Invocation Blessing CDs - Meditation Music for Soul Therapy to listen to when meditating or to play in a room 24/7 to help maintain the sacred space.

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