Buddha Maitreya the Christ Full Length Metatron Mat System with Two 7 Inch Etheric Weavers

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The Metatron Mat is a powerful, portable healing and meditation biomagnetic mattress pad designed to go on a bed, chair or massage table. Use for healing, self-healing, restful sleep & deep meditation, the Mat combines the sacred geometric proportions of the Vesica Pisces together with an electromagnetic grid. The Mat is blessed by Buddha Maitreya the Christ to awaken the sacred geometry of the form and transmit his Monadic, Soul-filled Light and healing, spiritual blessings to help humanity heal by receiving Soul Therapy. Sit or lie on the mat day and night for meditation, self-healing, deep relaxation and sleep. The system helps to stimulate vitality, align the Etheric Field and revitalize the physical body, naturally calming the emotions and clearing the mind. The mat attunes to your meridian system and the natural magnetic field of the body. It neither over-stimulates nor under-stimulates but balances and purifies the energy systems of the body. It works on the cause all the way down to the energetic field and applies the divine configuration of the Vesica Pisces to attune to the DNA in the body - the physical DNA, the light that is in the DNA and the magnetic field that carries that light. By holding Vajras or Etheric Weavers connected to the Mat all 7 chakras - the higher chakras and the lower chakras are balanced and connected in right relationship. This gives your brain the opportunity to fully open up. Energy is continually moved through the etheric field of the person laying on the Mat system, allowing an increasing vibrational attunement in relationship to the Light of the Soul. Practitioners like massage therapists find that by incorporating the Metatron Mat System it deepens the healing benefit for the client and protects them from absorbing negative energy as their clients are automatically transforming, transmuting and healing themselves while lying on the Mat.

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