Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver® Pendant in Copper Wire - Quartz Crystal Vibrational Healing Tool

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  • The Etheric Weaver Pendant awakens the Soul or Buddha Nature - the divine, enlightened essence within all Life. It helps a person enjoy a quieter mind, calmer emotions and more vitality - healing physical, emotional and mental problems and supporting them to have a more caring, virtuous and loving reality in their daily life.
  • One of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Healing Tools - highly spiritual tools that transmit the Light of Love and healing blessings of the American born living incarnation of Buddha. The tools are not based on a religion but healing through the Science of the Soul that helps strengthen a person to make positive changes and evolve into a more harmless, spiritual way of life - Shambhala (Heaven on Earth).
  • The Etheric Weaver Pendant is based around a finest quality 1.75" double terminated, perfectly symmetrical pure quartz crystal with pyramid ends, two strong 24K gold plated neodymium rare earth magnets at the center and wrapped with coated copper wire. Each pendant includes a 24K Goldplated Chain and complimentary Soul Therapy Meditation Music CD.
  • Available in your choice of 10 different colors applying color therapy. The Etheric Weaver Pendant is wrapped in a Rainbow gel. Esoterically, Rainbow contains the full color spectrum of white light and provides the full range of Color Therapy, greatly balancing the Body, Mind and Emotions. Rainbow helps to release the past that blocks the ability to be spontaneous. It helps to detoxify the Blood from impurities and helps to release impurities while dieting or exercising.
  • Magnet Disclaimer: The Etheric Weaver Pendant combines the healing properties of neodymium rare earth magnets which while of benefit to many, should not be used within 6 feet of a person fitted with a pacemaker or any other form of electrical implant or device for medical reason of any kind.
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Profoundly effective and simple to use meditation and healing tool for yourself and others - The Etheric Weaver Pendant is a form of vibrational, energy medicine that transmits the healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the American born living reincarnation of Buddha to help a person attune to their higher mind and awaken, integrate and heal the Soul. Wearing an Etheric Weaver Pendant on a daily basis helps to protect from astral influences, de-crystallize negative patterns or habits and truly heal mind, body and emotions. It can also be held over the hand or an area to be treated like a regular Etheric Weaver for healing treatments. Relax and hold the weaver and feel the Chi flowing into your Body. Hold it by the chain like a pendulum with a clear mind and without focusing on a question or outcome and the weaver will begin to move on its own as the energy flows between the body and the Chi. There is no technique or diagnostic focus, it works spontaneously in conjunction with the Chi of the Soul, and helps to radiate its light and vitality. Each Etheric Weaver Pendant comes with an MP3 download of Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Soul Therapy Music (a $15 value). Use the Pendant for meditation together with the Soul Therapy Music for greatest effect. Great for daily meditation, healing and self-healing. Naturally balances and aligns chakras and meridians. Has a transcendental effect and can be used for long distance healing using a photo or name. Can be used for space clearing as it clears, blesses and harmonizes any space. Use with people, plants, animals and things. Transforms, transmutes and protects from negative energies and never needs to be energetically cleared or cleansed.

About Etheric Weavers®

Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Etheric Weaver ® is a simple to use healing tool and can be used by anyone for deep meditation, self-healing and healing others. Simply hold by the teardrop, and let the crystal hang like a pendulum over your hand or the area being treated. Relax and clear your mind and allow the Etheric Weaver® to begin moving gently on its own as it works to calm, heal and align to the Soul - radiating the vitality of one's attunement to God.

Healing the Etheric Field

"The Etheric Weaver allows you to experience the phenomenon of healing that you think you need to go to others for. Using the Etheric Weaver, you align to your own self, your Soul, and it gives you spontaneous meditation without having to learn how to shut your mind down as meditation should be 24 hours a day, everything…simply, the ability to respond. So you need to bring these abilities out. With the Etheric Weaver you can help people with all sorts of physical and emotional and mental difficulties, but you can also affect their Soul and a whole transition of life takes place for them. And you learn the benefit of meditation and that is Life – it is extremely spiritual. Using the Etheric Weaver helps you tune into your own Buddha nature in your higher mind, heart and physical being and that is the same thing as the Etheric Weaver – it is resonating with your Etheric field, your Etheric body and that wakes you up and that regulates your chakras better than anyone or anything else and there are no limitations as to how holy that self can be." Buddha Maitreya the Christ.

The most profound effect from using an Etheric Weaver ® is that it increases one's faith in God and one's faith in humanity. It awakens the inner light to begin radiating out to those one loves and appreciates; healing past life karma and attracting right relationships based on Dharma and future group Soul activities based on true love not dependency. Furthermore it increases our awareness of humanity’s angelic or divine reality and the benefit of being an angel for others, along with the hope that that gives the world.

This radiosonic crystal healing tool is part of Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s work of sharing a better understanding of healing of the Etheric Field. The science of radiasonics is the science of radiatory telepathic communication that attunes to the Buddha Nature in all life. Inside of every atom is veiled the true nature of the Soul, "Buddha Nature" or Bodhicitta. Buddha Nature is the hidden light that evolves all life into higher form of divinity.

The Etheric Field is the matrix of three bodies: physical, emotional and mental manifested in their heavenly form and as a unified reality.

  • The physical body is manifested in the Group Personality (Ashram).
  • The emotional body is manifested in the Group Soul (Hierarchy).
  • The mental body is manifested in the Group Collective Consciousness (God).

The opposite manifestation to the Etheric Field is the Astral Field; that separates the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

  • The physical body manifests in the Individual Personality with symptoms of suffering and desire.
  • The emotional body manifests in Individual Astral Personification with symptoms of illusion and delusion.
  • The mental body manifests in Individual Personal Thoughts with symptoms of glamour and delusions of grandeur.

The astral field draws the three bodies down in vitality into disease and density, bringing about a lack of receptivity and veiling the inner light of the etheric field. The etheric field attunes the three bodies upward in vitality into ease and sensitivity. It is centered in the awakened heart and the astral field is centered in the solar plexus. When the heart center awakens and becomes dominant then the natural magnetic healing of Buddha Nature begins radiating the Light of the Soul.

The Etheric Weaver ® stimulates the awakening of the heart and shifting the downward flow into an upward flow and the pranic vitality of the Earth enhances the Etheric Bodies to unify and integrate with the Soul.

"The ills of the flesh are unknown to the man who absorbs and distributes prana with accuracy. This hint is recommended to all the physicians, and when properly comprehended, will result in a basic change in medicine, from a curative to a preventative foundation." The Tibetan on Etheric Healing

The Etheric Field is God. It is the pulse and the matrix that holds everything together. Through your humility you ask God to work through you. Not to be in charge of you but to co-create with God. It is the intellect that causes separation and it is through the Etheric Field where the past, present and future, the mind, emotions and the physical aspects all come together and can be healed.

The Etheric Weaver® And The Chakras

All the different centers represent specific colors e.g.. the crown center represents red, the brow center green, the throat yellow, the heart blue, the solar plexus violet, the sacral center indigo and the base center orange. So the way a condition is treated is like this - if a person has symptoms related to the base center glands or organs, then using an Etheric weaver which is the color of the opposite related chakra would be a really good healing for the entire Etheric field. The base center is orange and the related chakra is the crown so use a red Etheric weaver.

If the condition relates to the sacral center and related organs or glands, then the related chakra is the throat which is yellow so that would be the color of Etheric weave you would use. If it is the solar plexus and the emotions such as anxiety, then the related chakra would be the heart which would be electric blue. If it is the circulation or the blood pressure or related to the heart or the glands of the heart then the related chakra to the heart is the solar plexus which is violet so you would use a violet Etheric weaver.

If the condition is related to the throat or the thyroid, or the person had an active confused mind and interaction or a lack of memory, or was over or under weight, then you would treat them with the indigo weaver for the sacral center. If a person wanted their own way all the time and was hostile, aggressive and destructive , they want to be alone and don't trust, they have tension throughout their body or stress related illnesses then that would be the will center (the crown), so treat that with the orange as the base center is the related chakra.

Don't treat the brow center unless the Etheric weaver is drawn to it in a natural way, but don't put any energy into it - because at the brow center the Etheric weaver is moving in relation to the whole head which contains all 7 centers.

It is fine to treat just one specific spot where there is an injury or physical condition, just treat it for as long as the weaver keeps moving. Be open to it being drawn to some other areas, it doesn't matter if it is drawn up or down the body or in any direction.

The Etheric weaver is a transmitter and receiver that aligns to the atomic energy level, the magnetic field and all resonating factors, and it is all done telepathically through the Etheric field. The Etheric weaver works like a pendulum. Like when you are looking for water - the pendulum connects telepathically to the water and communicates with it. Just the same with the Etheric weaver - there is a physical response in both the Etheric weaver and in the area being treated, they both respond and Prana is generated, life force, which is a rebirth, and the effect it has on the person is that they move into a cycle of regeneration. So it's not just a revitalization but a regeneration. Because the Etheric field changes the molecular structures, like a miracle.

Using the Etheric weaver doesn't cause energy to build up and it doesn't cause energy to be too much, it's only a response to the energy coming out of the individual, just like the water. So you can feel comfortable and trust that the process is absolutely harmless and can't cause any negative effects. You can trust the connection because it's the same way you dowse water, without thinking.

When you are using the Etheric weaver it is good to take notes as to where the Etheric weaver stayed the most and approximately how long it stayed there, together with dates of the treatments. And then after the Etheric weaver healing is finished you can ask the person if there is a relationship between those areas and any old injuries or pain or any conditions of any kind - or if they sensed anything. Take notes of what they say.

If a person has had 2 or 3 Etheric weaver healings suggest that they choose their own Etheric weaver and go to the areas where there were blocks, and see if the chosen Etheric weaver heals the blocks to a higher level, then do a full body treatment. Try and remember through your notes - if a person's problems express on the physical level in any area, then there is usually a related gland or organ. Like the abdomen, lungs, throat or lower back - they all relate to a gland and also to a chakra.

The person being treated either lies or sits down and relaxes while listening to one of any of the Soul Therapy Music performed by Buddha Maitreya the Christ and recorded for the benefit of humanity. The Etheric Weaver is held like a pendulum above or in front of the person being treated and will immediately begin the process of resonating with the physical, emotional, mental, personality and monadic vehicles. Since Buddha Maitreya the Christ has attained balance and complete alignment of all these vehicles He radiates the necessary level of Buddhaic alignment as Buddha Nature; thus, the Etheric Weaver, through telepathic psychometry from Buddha Maitreya the Christ, begins vibrational alignment of the Etheric vehicles.

Generally the Etheric Weaver will either spin left or right very much like a dowsing tool and the Earth's Energy directing the dowser to the location of water.. Depending on the individual being treated, the treatment can take up to or even over an hour as the tool is drawn to specific spots along the body. In nearly every case the person will have an instant response of subtle electrical stimulation throughout the body, especially the head centers and even more so of the heart center. Typically individuals enter a very transcendental state which includes visions, strong impressions, and the releasing of negative influences held in the Etheric field. No thought whatsoever is necessary. (Nor is there any need on the part of the person holding the weaver to try and direct or understand, through some form of interpretation, the transcendental integration of the Soul in the person being treated. It is best to be impersonal and simply witness the revelation.)

Each Etheric Weaver is color coded, the crystal wrapped in a colored theatrical light gel. This means they are also tools for applied color therapy. In color therapy there is an Etheric resonatory vibration that has the ability to attune to the seven major chakra centers bringing alignment wherever unbalanced, without recourse to linear manipulation or belief systems. So using a color gel and increasing the magnetism to the pure quartz crystal amplifies the resonatory factor of color to the resonator factor of alignment/resonation between that of the chakras--just like that of a rainbow's colors all working together in a unified field.

The most common color type is the blue/indigo Etheric Weaver. Most people are attracted to this color due to its strong resonance with the Etheric field. But all seven spectral colors are available during a treatment, so that the person receiving can choose in the moment the color they are attuned to. This choice should be made spontaneously by simply reaching out and selecting. No linear thoughts are necessary. Faith and telepathy are the foundation of Soul Integration and therefore the foundation of using the Etheric Weaver.

The most profound effect from an Etheric Weaver treatment is that it increases one's faith in God and one's faith in humanity. It awakens the inner light to begin radiating out to those one loves and appreciates; healing past life karma and attracting right relationships based on Dharma and future group Soul activities based on true love not dependency. Furthermore it increases our awareness of angels and the benefit of being an angel for others, along with the hope that that gives the world.

Soon research will basically prove the existence of the relationship of the Soul to the Monad, and that it is a Quantum Reality. In that Quantum Reality the first phase will be the belief or hypothesis of verifying the Etheric Field. The hypothesis will lead through Principles of the law to the reality of the Monad as Creation and Creator of the Etheric Field.

The Etheric Field is maintained and created by Mind on a Monadic Level of God- and every living thing is a manifestation of the Mind of the Monad.

The Etheric Field is the energy made manifest by the Monad and the Soul to self-realize God's existence.

During the life of Pythagoras the hypothesis of the Soul and its transmigration was studied and, through the work of Plato, Pythagoras took the theorem of the 5 Platonic solids and he self-realized the 7 notes. This gave rise to the consciousness of the Etheric Field and the Monad, and it was in that life that the Soul was explained by Pythagoras and all the Mathematical Laws that are known to Mankind are the Laws that he explained as governing the Soul Evolution which are the 7 Notes or 7 Rays.

It was in higher teachings where his theorem is understood as the Monad. Although he couldn't prove that he could prove the Soul by proving the existence of the Etheric Field. By following Pythagorean theorem Monad, Godhead and this leads to the Science of Metatron. The exact existence of sound and light form itself such as Platonic or Pythagorean form correlates through Sound - each one a different note and also relates to the Ethers. All of the work Pythagoras did was to invent the guitar and invent notes on the Guitar and create different chords in working with the 7 different notes he was working with 7 different Etheric Fields which make up form and that it is animated by the Monad, the Will of God, Holy Spirit. Every living thing is the Life of God and can be proven by the existence of the Etheric Field. Proving the existence of the Soul through the theory of the 7 frequencies that exist in all life forms, finding that That is what makes everything so symmetrically perfect the Mind of the Monad. Monad represents Monastic Spiritual Mind. The joining with the Holy Spirit going through the mind of science to Spirituality, is the Science of God the Monad.

How to Use the Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver®

Etheric Weavers ® are simple to use and can be used by anyone. Begin by holding it over your palm for self-healing or meditation. In this position in treats the whole body as the body's meridian system is mapped out on the palms of the hand. For treating other people, it may be held over any part of the person’s body to help with any symptom or process, whether physical, emotional or mental. Whenever possible, allow the person being treated to listen to the accompanying Soul Therapy Music® as it greatly helps the healing process and compliments the treatment.

Using the weaverThe tool will move in gentle circular motions like a pendulum whenever there is something to treat and stop as the energy flows in a balanced way between the body and the Chi. If done in one place, you can move to another. Use the tool for as long and often as you want. There is no technique or diagnostic focus in using the Etheric Weaver®; they all work spontaneously in conjunction with the Chi of the Soul, and help to radiate the Light and Vitality of one’s attunement with God.

In nearly every case the person will have an instant response of subtle electrical stimulation throughout the body, especially the head centers and even more so from the heart center. Typically individuals enter a very transcendental and meditative state which includes visions, strong impressions, and the releasing of negative influences held in the Etheric field. No thought whatsoever is necessary. Nor is there any need on the part of the person holding the weaver to try and direct, understand, interpret or diagnose the transcendental integration of the Soul in the person being treated. It is best to be impersonal and simply witness the revelation. Faith and telepathy are the foundation of Soul Integration and therefore the foundation of choosing and using the Etheric Weaver ®.

For space clearing, hang the weaver up or walk slowly in the area whilst holding it out in front, pausing anywhere that seems appropriate as the weaver gently moves. Hanging the weaver allows it to act as a resonator for balancing the energy in a room and healing the vibration there. The difference between hanging a weaver and holding it is that when it is held ,the etheric connection to the human Soul is brought into effect and the weaver becomes a radiosonic tool for the blessings of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya to heal through.

The tools are very effective for long-distance healing. Hold the weaver over a picture, drawing or name. Food, animals, plants, water, - even your car, or computer - can benefit from the Love and Harmony that transmits through the tool. And, like all the other Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Healing Tools, more profound effects will occur if you combine it with the Soul Therapy Music® included, as the transmission effect and ability to transmute and transform energies is amplified by the power of Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Sacred Invocations and Prayer.

Etheric Weaver TreatmentFor treating others, the person being treated either lies or sits down and relaxes while listening to one of any of the Soul Therapy CDs. The Etheric Weaver® is held like a pendulum by holding the small teardrop crystal at the top of the chain so that the larger weaver crystal is over or in front of the person being treated. The weaver will immediately begin the process of resonating with the physical, emotional and mental etheric vehicles as well as your Personality, Soul and Monad (the Mind of God). The Etheric Weaver® carries a transmission of blessing from Buddha Maitreya the Christ, radiating the necessary level of Buddhaic alignment as Buddha Nature and begins vibrational alignment of the etheric vehicles. Generally the weaver will either spin left or right very much like a dowsing tool. Allow it to spin and when finished, move it over the body until it begins to spin again.

For longer, full body treatments, begin by suspending the Weaver about 3-6 inches above the feet. Very slowly move the tool up one leg, then the next, up the body, then from one hand to the shoulder and then the other. Do not treat the brow center unless the Etheric Weaver® is drawn to it in a natural way, but do not put any energy into it because at the brow center the tool is moving in relation to the whole head which contains all seven centers.

If the tool starts to spin, hold it over the area until the spinning stops. Whatever area the tool is spinning over it is working to heal injuries, old and new, and rents within the entire Etheric Field. The Etheric Weaver will continue to work even if it does not spin. It spins mainly when it is transmuting energetic blockages or rents and it does not matter in which direction it moves. Do not allow the Etheric Weaver to spin in large circles but to spin gently on its own. It is also not recommended to use the Etheric Weaver as a pendulum for asking questions since it is only a meditation healing tool.

There is no set time for a treatment; the process normally takes about half an hour for a full body treatment as the tool is drawn to specific spots along the body. It is also fine to treat just one area where there is an injury or physical condition, just treat it for as long as the weaver keeps moving and be open to it being drawn to any other areas.

In addition, the Etheric Weaver comes with ends that have been cut into the sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid. This allows them to be used in acupressure for applying pressure when working with acupressure points or areas of pain or blockage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Etheric Weaver®

Buddha Maitreya the Christ answers some frequently asked questions about the Etheric Weaver:

Can you explain the different directions the Etheric Weaver® spins during a treatment?
The Etheric weaver moves in response to many levels of the Etheric field that can even include past life forces that we cannot rationalize. This is a very non linear healing that is totally spontaneous, it is a vibration response between the Weaver and the patient and one can not even attempt to figure out what is going on or why. It is best to see it as Interdimensional, Transpersonal and Transcendental.

The Weaver telepathically aligns to the virtues blocked by the disorder—these virtues are from past life actions that established Loving qualities of the Soul that later became blocked by the violence of vices that veil the virtues and become karmic manifestations. The Weaver is Liberating and Blessing the imperiled physical, emotional and mental bodies, including injury, illnesses, misfortune, distress etc.

It is common that the weaver works with the clockwise vibration and when the purging begins the Weaver rotates counter- clockwise as the psychic imperil and energy is pulled into the weaver and transformed with the Light of the Buddhaic Nature that is magnetically attractive. This can be felt and even at times seen in different forms of manifestations that appear, like odors, colors, sounds, electricity, astral forms, emotions, pain, heat etc.

Rainbow 7

Does the weaver need cleansing after each use?
No because of the way it is designed with the copper wrapping and the magnets, this stimulates the natural photon light in the crystal to keep the crystal vitalized and clear.

I wonder if the rainbow weaver is sufficient for balancing all the chakras since it has all the colors of the spectrum?
Yes this full spectrum is called upon by the Etheric Field according to the color or colors needed for balancing and healing.

Is it better to use a different weaver for each problem?
There are many different Weavers, some with separate colors, some with the Rainbow spectrum and another with the 7 Rays of Chakra Alignment - each serves the needs of healing the Etheric Field. Some Weavers have Geometric Forms on each end called Vajra's, they awaken the Holy Spirit and Higher Mind of Reverence and Sacred realization of Divine order in Life.

Many practitioners have obtained many of the Weavers and Vajras and have found that each person was best served when they where able to spontaneously use whatever weaver and/or vajra as the healing vibration that best resonated with the need for vitality and attunement.

All of these tools are basically an Etheric Weaver ® and any of them will resonate as a Similar to the needed vibration that will activate the Soul to merge with the personality dis-ease and revitalize the Etheric Field and bring about a spontaneous healing. The Weaver is Telepathically Blessed on the level of the Buddhaic Plane and is highly charged with Soul Infusion and Monadic Holy Spirit. It reawakens the sleeping Soul and activates the transformation of the imperiled lower psychic disorder into a more wakened Buddha Nature 'Light of the Soul' that is telepathically intuitive in establishing Divine order out of chaos and astral disorder.

I have found that as anyone chooses their tools they are spontaneously drawn to the right tool for themselves or their clients and friends and as their needs change they are drawn to a larger variety. In time they find they are moved to provide the tools for their clients and friends and in this way everyone is able to receive what they need for their Healing process and to help others.

Will that help to keep me centered throughout the day?
One's emotional astral responses to life is the main cause for disorder and imbalance, leading to impurity of body and mind.

The Weaver alignment and Soul Therapy Music ® is a good way to reestablish the Etheric Field and be responsive to Soul Virtues that help to shift one's daily responses of an astral nature into a more harmless lifestyle and ability to naturally respond in a more Soulful way. Playing the music all day is extremely helpful and even while sleeping. Doing an etheric weaver alignment when ever needed but especially once a day helps to integrate Virtues and heal vices that need transformation and also release from personality relationships that are not loving and Harmless.

3.5inch Etheric Weaver in Silver

Is it helpful to use other healing modalities along with the weaver?

The weavers are used by acupuncturists, reiki practitioners, nurses, doctors, naturopaths, herbalists, yoga practitioners, flower essence practitioners, practitioners of energetic medicine and psychologists, along with lay practitioners who use many holistic forms of healing, all have found the Etheric Weaver ® to be the most useful and most effective of all treatments even at a distance people feel the energy.. .There is nothing to compare it with. .They work in complete synthesis with all modes of healing, even surgery. They are never contradictive to any healing technique.

Why do some people experience what appears to be an instantaneous healing of a chronic problem (for example back pain, migraines) with one use of the Etheric Weaver® where in other cases a problem seems to be temporarily relieved on a pain level but re-occurs in a day or so if the weaver is not used again?
All causes are karma and all karma comes from past lives combined with present day habits that are simply the reincarnation of past life karma. Every symptom is an expression of energy that is keeping the soul from incarnating. When the Etheric Weaver is used I, as the healer, am able to help facilitate ones past life karma to become good karma, but this is according to the individual's level of healing receptivity.

If one is on the level of personality, and is not receptive to the necessary life changes their soul requires for them to manifest as it integrates and transforms the personality, then this person can only be healed magnetically and a longer period of healing will take place. This is due to the misalignment of chakras that have to be realigned in order to bring about the natural healing of the one who is being healed, as they awaken the magnetic healer that they are and heal themselves.

Then there are those who are more soul integrated and receptive and their throat center and sacral center are more balanced and able to receive the next level of healing that is known as pranic healing. This is where I am able to help facilitate the next level of chakric alignments that integrates the Etheric Field and the minor chakras; this would result in an instant healing with no re-occurring symptoms due to the advanced chakric balances in the individual responding to the level of pranic alignment.

When using the Etheric Weaver® is there a relationship between movement and degree of healing? If the weaver does not move for someone is it still healing? When the Etheric Weaver® is in accelerated movement is less time required to hold the Etheric Weaver® versus the same healing taking place with less weaver movement requiring a longer time to hold the weaver? Do you have a suggestion for people who feel irritation when listening to the CDs or feel antsy when the Etheric Weaver® is working on them?
One of the things to help people if they are having problem listening to the music is to have them choose the CD themselves, even though they have never heard them before, just have them choose spontaneously.

A lot of times the reason why people feel antsy while the weaver is being used or they listen to the music is because the music and the weaver creates temporal time and this instantly creates instant karma. If one becomes antsy it is usually because they live their life binding people in spells and misuse their psychic energy for personal gain at the harm of others.

In order to do this their seventh ray and third ray energy has to have a strong influence with their. solar plex and that would make them very sensitive to the weaver and the music which represents temporal time of the Heart Center of God and the seventh ray of the relationship to God and the third ray to the Plan of God. The music and the etheric weaver realigns the misuse of the third ray and the seventh ray, which are also known as the rays of temporal time.

Rainbow Shambhala Solar Vajra

Do Vajras work as well or at the same rate as weavers as far as healing is concerned?
A Vajra and an Etheric Weaver is exactly the same thing, the only difference is that the Etheric Weaver is designed as a radiosonic dowsing tool that allows a very fast alignment for etheric healing to take place while being used as a dowsing tool. The Vajra has added to it geometric forms that come from the different types of Metatron shapes that are found in the Metatron Cube. The Metatron Cube is the complete synthesis of the first ray and the seventh ray. In the center of the Metatron Cube is the Octahedron, which is also the pyramid, and found within that is the phi ratio.

Each vajra is designed as a meditation tool to be held in the hand because that is where the magnetic healer has their strongest Etheric link, magnetic healing is Healing with the hands, or better known as Laying on of the Hands. By holding the vajra the individual who is aligned in the third ray and seventh ray and able to be receptive to the Heart Center and the Buddhaic Mind, then the vajra becomes not only a link between the personality and the Soul through the bridge of the Etheric Field but also a source of direct union with the Monad through the Etheric Angelic incarnation of the Soul manifesting through Metatron through the Science of Redemption

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