Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver® Earrings in 12k Gold-Fill Wire - Quartz Crystal Vibrational Healing Tools

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Profoundly effective and simple to use meditation and healing tools - The Etheric Weaver Earrings are a form of vibrational, energy medicine that transmits the healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the American born living reincarnation of Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ who is the Planetary Logos, to help a person attune to their higher mind and awaken, integrate and heal the Soul. Wearing Etheric Weaver Earrings on a daily basis helps to protect from astral influences, de-crystallize negative patterns or habits and truly heal mind, body and emotions. It can also be held over the hand or an area to be treated like a regular Etheric Weaver for healing treatments. Relax and hold the weaver and feel the Chi flowing into your Body. Hold it like a pendulum with a clear mind and without focusing on a question or outcome and the weaver will begin to move on its own as the energy flows between the body and the Chi. There is no technique or diagnostic focus, it works spontaneously in conjunction with the Chi of the Soul, and helps to radiate its light and vitality. Each pair of Etheric Weaver Earrings comes with Buddha MaitreyaÕs Soul Therapy Music on CD (a $15 value). Use the Etheric Weaver Earrings for meditation together with the Soul Therapy Music for greatest effect. Great for daily meditation, healing and self-healing. Naturally balances and aligns chakras and meridians. Has a transcendental effect and can be used for long distance healing using a photo or name. Can be used for space clearing as it clears, blesses and harmonizes any space. Use with people, plants, animals and things. Transforms, transmutes and protects from negative energies and never needs to be energetically cleared or cleansed.

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