Buddha Maitreya the Christ Ascension Sri Yantra Solar Form in 24K Gold Plate

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Designed to be worn all the time, anywhere between the heart and throat, Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Sri Yantra Ascension Solar Form has a sacred geometric cosmic cross design made up of 4 Etheric Weavers® on a quartz crystal disc etched with the Sri Yantra - enclosed within a 51 degree Pyramid. The form radiates the Monadic, Soul-filled Light and Blessings - the healing energy of Buddha Maitreya the Christ. Wearing the form helps a person heal physically, emotionally and mentally; develop and strengthen virtue, self-realize and self-actualize their divine and soulful, Buddha nature. The forms have a calming, meditative effect allowing one to be more in the moment and better able to respond to others rather than to react, helping develop more harmlessness in all aspects of life. The forms attract the alignment of the Soul with the Personality, raising the lower, personality energies up into the higher centers, creating a soulful transformational energy that aligns and vitalizes the higher chakras: the heart, throat, brow and crown center while the corresponding lower centers are purified and transformed for personality integration with the Soul. All the head centers are stimulated as higher telepathy takes the place of lower psychic projection. The Rainbow Bridge of the Monad, Soul and Personality can develop and transcend limiting forces and karma from past lives and this life. The Quartz crystals and disc are available in your choice of color. The disc is etched with the Sri Yantra. The wire used to wrap the crystals can also be copper, silver or gold. all of which helps to increase and amplify the resonance of blessings transmitted through the form. Specialty forms can be cast in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and Platinum. Please contact us if you would like help customizing your form. Dimensions approx 2" x 2" x 2" and 1.5oz weight. Includes complimentary Buddha Maitreya the Christ Soul Therapy® Music CD.

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