Night Splint Black  Medium Plantar-Fascitis  Darco

Night Splint Black Medium Plantar-Fascitis Darco

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Medium Men 5-8 * Women 7-10 * Color: Black * The DARCO Pneumatic Night Splint features a fully-integrated inflation/deflation system that can be easily operated with one hand - now with no external parts to misplace * Internal air bladder is infinitely adjustable so every wearer can find the degree of dorsiflexion that works best for them * The soft natural cotton terry liner absorbs moisture and ensures a cool comfortable fit * Non-skid sole * * HCPCS Suggested Code: L4396 * Item sold as one (1) night splint * Fits right or left foot.* Provides the stretch to the plantar fascia that is the key to relief * For plantar fasciitis heel sputs achilles tendonitis achilles tendinosis metatarsalgia and ankle contracture *

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