Anti Radiation Round Golden Sticker Against EMF Scalar Shield

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Size: 35MM

Negative Ions: 500CC

Name: Round Scalar Shield

Feature: Anti Radiation

Color: Golden

Anti Radiation Round Golden Sticker Against EMF Scalar Shield 



Health benefit:


Reduction of inflammation in your body Enhancement of blood circulation Destruction of viruses and bacteria in the body It enhances immune and endocrine systems in your body Increases your focus and concentration Increases energy in your body Helps in protecting DNA from any damageStrengthens the body’s biofield preventing electro- magnetic waves from affecting your health Helps to fight cancer cells in body Helps lowering the ageing process




It can absorb and transfer the electromagnetic radiation wavesby using special materials and reduce mobile phone radiation inquiry on the human brain of 96.43 percent. Extend the service life of rechargeable battery two or three times. Quick charge and save 50% of charging time. Resume the battery capacity and extend the standby time 0.5-2 times. Increase the talking time. Fast recovery of old battery





1. Tin box*Anti-radiation sticker

2. Opp bag * Instruction*Anti-radiation sticke




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