Altar Cloth US~49x49cm Tarot Tablecloth Triple Moon Pentagram Pagan Altar Tarot Cloth Flannel Tarot Tablecloth Altar Tarot Cloth

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Decorate your altar with this intricate original Rune Ring design.

One sided digital print

Cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. No bleach.



Into divination and runecasting?


Get more in-depth readings with this Runecasting Cloth.

The original design is a visual map of the Rune-world cosmos. It helps you read the inter-relationships of the runes you cast.

The Aegishjalmur (Helm of Awe) symbol is combined with the Rune Ring to reveal connections. [See image 3] Each Rune on the Outer Ring is related to multiple other Runes. Trace along the grid lines to see different Rune pairs and you will understand the Runes in new ways.

The Runes are numbered starting from Eihwaz and ending with Jera, moving counter-clockwise. This is intentional as the Runes thus follow the sequential stages of human development, and the path of the sun.

HOW TO use the Runecasting Cloth for Rune Reading:

(You can incorporate this into your existing ritual or ceremony)

+ Your Rune Staves (not included) should have a distinct top and bottom. You could put a dot on the bottom of the Rune Stave. Or like my Rune Staves, you can mark the Rune towards the bottom of the Stave leaving empty space at the top.

+ Lay the cloth on the ground or table where you are casting Runes.

+ Point the cloth so the N points North and the S points South.

+ Typically you will be sitting on the South side of the cloth facing North.

+ Perform your opening ritual: invoking, protecting, or posing a question.

+ With your Rune Staves in a bag or bowl, cast them in the air to scatter around the cloth.

+ Take a photo or record the way they landed.

+ Depending on your Rune reading style, discard Rune Staves that are not active (face down or outside the ring)

+ One by one, look at each Rune Stave. Notice where it landed and where it's pointing. Use the grid lines to find the 2 runes on the outer rune ring that the stave is pointing to and from. [See image 5]

+ Record the results for each Rune Stave with their correlating Outer Runes.

+You can further analyze and interpret the results by noticing groupings as they lay on the Rune Cloth.


Size: 49 * 49cm

Material: High-grade flannel

Weight: 35g

Packaging: Opp bag

Package Included:

1*Tarot Tablecloth