4 X Orgone orgonite® TB Tower busters, orgone matrix boosters, EMF protection, harmful frequencies and bad energies protection

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4 X Orgone orgonite® TB Tower busters, orgone matrix boosters, EMF protection, harmful frequencies and bad energies protection



copper, crystals, golden swarf, titanium swarf, aluminum swarf, gemstones, semi precious stones, resin, quartz, black onyx, amazonite, turmaline, lapis lazuli


4 (four) orgone orgonite® tower busters perfect to create an orgone matrix within the area we place them. Ideally place one TB orgone in every corner of a room/house and in the middle you can have a large pyramid or dome. In this way you will produce an orgone matrix that will neutralize imbalances and create a field of positive energy for your whole home.

The orgone matrix will protect you against EMF (from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, electronic devices, cell-towers etc) that you are exposed on a daily basis and will protect you from harmful frequencies and bad energies of any kind while creating a positive energy field around you at all times. While living in an area with orgone matrix your “batteries” are recharged, you will regain your energy, you will feel more relaxed, healthier, your stress will be substantially reduced and you will feel you have exceptional ability to create and evolve.

The listing is for 4 Tower Busters. If you want a different quantity (more or less) please contact me.

Each Tower Buster is made of:
• chemically clear copper (spherules and powder)
• aluminum, golden and titanium swarf
• a 3-dimension SBB copper coil with a big crystal quartz inside and 8 big crystal quartzes around for extra energy
• semi-precious stones placed in 2 levels (lapis lazuli, carnelian, aventurine, amazonite, amethyst, tourmaline, garnet, hematite, pink quartz, opal, black onyx, citrine, labradorite, fluorite, rutile etc). Αll crystal quartzes and semi-precious stones are top quality and purified and charged before used. The addition of semi-precious stones amplifies and enforces the overall healing and balancing qualities and potentials of the orgone creations
• the TBs come either in the color of copper or Aegean blue –please choose your color on your check out
• each TB weighs approximately 100 gr. (0,22 pounds or 3,53 ounces). It is 3 cm (1,18 inches) height and 5 cm (1,97 inches) wide at the base.

All my orgonites® come in very high-quality gift-boxes, with colorful voile and matching organza ribbon, for no extra charge!
See last photo :-)

Orgone energy devices will:
• Transform negative energy in to positive
• Re-vitalize the atmosphere
• Recharge, purify, structure and energize water and drinks
• Relieve insomnia, provide a quieter sleep and help avoid nightmares
• Boost your intuition
• Enhance productivity in your work
• Fortify creativity
• Balance – reconcile the energy within our body
• Enforce the recovery and healing process
• Better our mood and help us improve and develop our actions
• Protects us from other people’s negative energy and thoughts
• Promote plant growth
• Neutralize electromagnetic radiation and protect us

Karl Hans Welz is the inventor of Orgonite® and Orgone Generator® and owns the registered Trademarks; I have his written permission to use the term Orgonite®