2pcs EMF Protection Cell Phone Stickers Phone Anti Radiation Stickers (Golden)

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-Color: Golden.

-Material: Golden.

-Size: About 2.60X2.60X0.10cm/1.02X1.02X0.04inch.

- and mobile phone anti-radiation sticker.

- Creative pattern design, anti-radiation and easy to use.

- Can be attached on mobile phone, iPhone, iPod, PSP, MP3, MP4, etc.

- Self-adhesive and removable. It will not block signals!

- Suitable for Tablet PC, Cell Phone,Computer, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Printer, Washing machine, etc.

The  Discs work to counterbalance the adverse effects of electro-pollution as a result of cell phone use, wireless devices, PDA’s and laptops.  This patent pending advanced technology is easy to peel and stick on the inside cover of your phone.

The result is the Protect hologram synchronizes and calms down the sympathetic nervous system and neutralizes electromagnetic stress caused by the effects of cell phone use.

The Cell Protect discs have been shown to balance the body and to restore bio-coherence to the body’s meridian system. The Protect disc works by counterbalancing the wireless communication signal allowing the body a booster to help protect natural signal flow as measured by bio-explorer. Our unique Discs work with the body’s own system to fight the effects of wi-fi.

2 x Anti Radiation Phone Stickers

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