Orgone orgonite® all-powerful giant golden dome, Generator, 8 MWO Antennas by Lakhovsky, abundance, welfare, prosperity, Turbocharger device

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A giant, golden masterpiece with magnificent energy which can bring so many fruitful and rewarding changes in your life!

My all-powerful giant golden dome (which is 20 times bigger than my small golden dome and 4 times bigger than my large golden dome) with precious stones, golden-leaves 24K and 8 gold-plated (24K) Multi-Wave Oscillators (MWO) by Lakhovsky, with its vast, immense power will transmute every negative and destructive energy in your space into healthy, vigorous, life supporting energy!

The all-powerful giant golden dome is an exceptional energy tool, a wonderful addition for those orgone lovers who seek an opportunity for deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Its superb power will reward you in many aspects of your life. Place your hands on the dome and focus on all the wonderful things you want to attract and achieve in your life. While holding it you will feel a powerful energy vibe that will reinforce and balance your spirit, body, and mind. It will help bring abundance, in many forms, in your life, if you are willing to work in this direction.

It's an exceptional tool for advanced meditation techniques and REIKI; place it in the area where you meditate or practice REIKI and you will feel there is so much purity and life! It will help you align your energy field and encompass your body with positive orgone energy, expand your awareness and stimulate your mental and spiritual growth.

This orgonite® will give you maximum protection from harmful frequencies and will always protect you against bad energies of any kind and create a positive energy field around you. It will incapacitate geopathetic stress and neutralize electromagnetic radiation, it will counteract negative emotions and thoughts, help boost your intuition, enhance your productivity and creativity and reward you with unprecedented mind clarity. It will help you during night-time, to enjoy a trouble-free sleep with lucid dreaming!

You can also use the dome as a charger by turning it upside-down and using the wide side to charge water and all the liquids you drink. After charging it, the water feels like “Spring Water”. While drinking it you will be able to feel its energy and that its quality has been optimized, you will feel revitalized, with much more energy and more vibrant! Use it for highly energized water and any other drink. Use it also for the water in your cooking or even to water your small plants! On top you can also charge crystals, stones, jewelry, essential oils, anything that may need charging/purification.

It is made basically of:
• chemically clear copper spherules and swarf
• bronze, golden and titanium swarf and golden-powder
• it has 36 golden-leaves 24K, emerald’s, sapphire's, ruby's big swarf and fresh-water pearls for abundance, prosperity, welfare!
• it has a 3-dimension SBB copper coil with a huge crystal quartz inside and 48 big crystal quartzes around
• semi-precious stones (among others selenite, pink quartz, angel aura quartz, pink calcite, rhodochrosite, citrine, yellow calcites, tourmaline, garnet) placed in 7 levels and arranged in a special way. Αll crystal quartzes, precious and semi-precious stones are top quality and purified and charged before used
• it has 1 gold-plated (24K) Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) by Lakhovsky on top and 7 large MWOs at the base, in a sacred geometry – crystalline grid for exceptional energy. The MWOs are made of copper and then gold-plated with 24K gold. The addition of precious, semi-precious stones and the gold-plated (24K) MWOs amplifies and enforces the overall healing and balancing qualities and potentials of the orgone creations.
• it weighs approximately 7.2 kilos (15,87 pounds or 254 ounces), its height is about 12 cm (4,73 inches) and 27,5 cm (10,83 inches) wide at the base.
• the shipping cost is included in the price (which is approximately 190 € due to the size and weight of the giant dome)

All my orgonites® come in very high-quality gift-boxes, with colorful voile and matching organza ribbon, for no extra charge!
See last photo :-)

Orgone energy devices will:
• Transform negative energy in to positive
• Re-vitalize the atmosphere
• Recharge, purify, structure and energize water, drinks, essential oils, crystals etc
• Clear and charge your crystals, stones, jewelry
• Relieve insomnia, provide a quieter sleep and help avoid nightmares
• Boost your intuition
• Enhance productivity in your work
• Fortify creativity
• Balance – reconcile the energy within our body
• Enforce the recovery and healing process
• Better our mood and help us improve and develop our actions
• Protects us from other people’s negative energy and harmful frequencies of any kind
• Counteract our negative emotions and thoughts
• Incapacitate geopathetic stress
• Neutralize electromagnetic radiation and protect us
• Promote plant growth

The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) by Lakvovsky:
• Saturates the cells of the body with energy. In turn the chemical processes of each cell are brought into balance allowing proper repair and operation
• When you use the MWO regularly it maintains the electrical health of the body at a cellular level. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place and the MWO feeds the need.

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