Giza Meditation Pyramid Bracket(pgb-pg-19.08-25), Cosmic Energy Receiver, Gold Plated Series - Instrument Parts & Accessories

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Name: Giza Pyramid Bracket

Tower base size: 25cm * 25cm,
Copper pipe specifications: 19 * 1mm,
Surface technology: electroplated real gold
The following are the conventional models of this series of products, please contact us for specific prices, or you can customize (Taki: 25cm-600cm) any size

Series:Purple copper tube gold plated serie

1. Model: PGB-PG-19.08-70

2. Model: PGB-PG-19.16-110

3. Model: PGB-PG-19.16-150

4. Model: PGB-PG-19.24-180

5. Model: PGB-PG-19.24-200

6.Model: PGB-PG-19.24-210

7.Model: PGB-PG-19.24-250

Model Description: PGB-PG-19.24-210, P--pyramid in PGB, G- Egypt Giza Pyramid (bevel angle 51 degrees 51 points) reduced version, B- with imported energy ball. In the P-plating process in PG, the surface of the G-copper tube is plated with gold. 19 in 19.24 - a copper tube with an outer diameter of 19 mm and a thickness of 1 mm. 24-This pyramid is assembled from 24 tubes (each tube is made up of 3 tubes). 210--The tower base size representing the pyramid is 210 cm * 210 cm. This series is a gold plated copper tube series. The surface of the copper tube is coated with a layer of 24K gold.

All of the above models of meditation pyramids are assembled from a sophisticated Giza Pyramid kit.

This sophisticated Giza Pyramid Kit is a collaboration between our company and an authoritative Egyptian pyramid research institute, through which the precise data provided by the agency (the angle of the bevel is about 51 degrees and 51 points, the specific accuracy of the data is inconvenient to disclose), using nearly two A set of meditation meditation Giza Pyramid Kits (5 precision angle connectors) developed and manufactured over the years. With this set of connectors, it is possible to assemble a precise and reduced version of the Giza pyramid bracket in various sizes. The largest pyramid can be made up to 5 meters * 5 meters.
The kit first calculates the drawings accurately from the computer, then makes the precision molds according to the drawings, and then die-casts through the mold. It is then sanded, sandblasted and finally plated with gold on its surface. Precise data and superb craftsmanship ensure that the bevel angle of this kit is exactly the same as the bevel angle of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.
Therefore, the pyramid bracket assembled using this kit is the ideal cosmic energy receiver. Meditation will produce good results.






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