Lemurian Trident Krystallos Copper Quartz Handmade Copper Trident

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Lemurian Trident Krystallos Copper Quartz - Handmade Copper Trident - Charged in Copper Pyramid


In Mythology, the Trident has been associated with the sea god Neptune, or Poseidon but today the Trident is more likely to be related to the Seas of universal energy. Its most often used to project separate beams of white light energy in contrast to the field radiations of the crystal crosses. The Trident starts radiating a field of energy as soon as it's constructed, but its most startling application is as an energy beam and ray projection. Most people see it as another form of the power rod for disarming or neutralizing worldwide negativity to bring about a healing peace and balance. It appeals to people who understand the nature of the Healer as Warrior and the warrior as a healer whose motivating force is the power of light and love. The Trident reaffirm the truth of the same, “ only the most powerful people have the strength to be gentle.”

To use the Trident hold it by its handle while visualizing the crystal’s of projection of three parallel beams of white light energy, Or, you can perceive three beams as merging into one from an energy cone emission Point. Although it's not often used that way, the trident will also radiate a field of universal energy.

The Trident’s trinity crystal represents a powerful archetype of strong spiritual light energy for our world. As with other Crystal tools, your ultimate guidance for use and responsibility will come from within. This tool may sometimes surprise you, and many feel an important kinship with it. the Trident is one of the tools whose capabilities we are just now starting to learn about.

Interestingly enough, with its high-intensity energy pattern and dramatic appearance, it can still be used as a tool for healing and balance in the same way that we use crystal healing rods. This type of tool tends to widen the definition of healing more than is usually perceived. while it can be set in the ground for a healing circle, this is very rarely done. Most often it’s used as an individual, handheld Crystal energy device for helping the planet and her being.

This Trident is also filled with Varius Coal, and crystals and charged in a Giza Pyramid like our other Rod listing.

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